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  • Greg Z - Great product -- I use it in a mix

    I have used this product for a number of years with very good results. However, I cheat a little, I add 2 to 3 shovels of standard 10-10-10 commercial fertilizer in with a bag (pointed shovel). I love the simplicity of the product -- it doesn't burn and the iron in the formula just makes your grass super green. However if you look at the formula it is not a complete fertilizer. I feel the lawn looks better when I create my custom mix. I don't worry about burning but I think i get a formula that promotes more root growth, etc. Of course I lime my lawn every spring, about 3 weeks prior to putting down the fertilizer

  • Michael Winn - It would be stingy to deny this cheery bit of ...

    It would be stingy to deny this cheery bit of fluff anything less than 5 stars. Age and sex positive albeit with a few more commemorative scenes than necessary. The story is sound but the script that could benefit from the touch of a d'Maupassant or Bukowski.

  • Marilynn Decker - Bad product

    I'm not impressed. I don't even think I can tell I've used anything. Dancing with The Stars is a product I've used in past and I'm sorry I bought Tan Physics. I'll be going back to it. Too expensive for it not to work.

  • imthechills - Great fun

    I haven't actually played this game, but we gave it to my son who has Downs Syndrome. He and his friends love the action of wrestling. They watch it and play it. We seem to get him a new one each year. It was the first thing he asked for for Christmas.

  • Mom of Two Boys - Great For Lazy Lawn Owners

    I want a beautiful lawn but I don't want to have to work for it. Each year, I will go out and throw down some grass seed on top of the weeds that proliferate in our yard and hope for the best. (It's sink or swim here, mostly sink).