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City: 11.0683 Bavaria, Germany

  • JaredL - Handles Are Plastic

    It came in and was just as advertised. All the non stick surfaces work really well and they've held up good so far. The only thing I'm disappointed in was that the handles were plastic and I was hoping and thinking that they were rubber.

  • 1stxmommy - First time user

    I am pregnant for the first time and very concerned about getting stretch marks. I've used many different Palmers products in the past so choosing the stretch formula was a no brainer. Day one of use and I'm fighting nausea all day due to the smell of this stuff. While not an unpleasant smell, it is VERY strong and did not ease all day. This product smells even stronger to me then the regular cocoa butter products and my husband agreed, it wasn't my pregnant sensitive nose. This makes no sense to me that a product marketed for pregnant women would have such a strong aroma instead of being odorless. I cannot say whether or not this is a good product because I can wear it, but beware expectant moms sniff before purchasing.

  • Califoon - I really like this stuff

    I really like this stuff. At 60 it has given me new vigor and presence. I Do have to shave more but I don't mind. It is rebuilding my shoulders and arms, providing something that feels very much like youth without the confusion of youth. PS- I'm not a doctor and I don't play one on the internet

  • ChrisO - Worked for a while

    For the first 500 to 1000 pages this cartridge performed fine. Now I get a 3/8" black line or two on every other page. I can't use it anymore. I am not satisfied. I understand that I paid less than half the price of a new cartridge but I can't be ordering a new cartridge after so few prints.

  • Heather North - Great for adults too!

    I bought this before a long trip as I wanted to reduce the number of products I bought, and the combo shampoo/body wash seemed convenient. Now, I use this all the time! It's become my new favorite body wash because it's thick enough and gets sudsy enough to shave with. I still keep a bar soap around, and I haven't replaced my regular shampoo or anything, but I grab this soap at least 50% of the time -- still a strong recommendation in my book.