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  • Annie Bresler - Loses connection constantly

    Started losing connection after three months...started having to restart it at least once a day. The last few weeks it won't stay connected long enough for me to get anything done on my laptop and for some reason my laptop won't acknowledge the signal once it's lost until I restart my laptop as well, which means I lose everything I've been working on. I have checked all my cables & connections. It has to be this modem. Never had these issues with my previous modem/router, but had to upgrade because it was a 2.0.

  • Omieluv - Great Toner

    Overall, I really like Suki products and have purchased this toner twice for myself and gave it as a gift to my mom (who likes it too). Given this, I think it is quite clear I'm a fan! Typically, I spray this on after I wash my face. I also find myself spraying myself for a refresher through the day, as sometimes my skin gets oily or I just need to wake up.

  • A. Rock - Good guide

    Good informative book on the subject matter. Good index makes it easy to find the topic you need information on.

  • Amazon Customer - Fits perfect. I love it and came with a retainer ...

    Fits perfect. I love it and came with a retainer piece so I would not loose it when removed from the opening. worth the money

  • Bluefish - A better description might be "stream of consciousness impressions

    Calling the entries in this book "stories" is a bit of a stretch. A better description might be "stream of consciousness impressions." Then if you like that kind of literature I would rate it top notch.

  • Eden Convert - my dentist is not happy with me

    I don't know about you, but I hate going in to have my teeth cleaned. Despite my years of daily flossing, regular brushing etc., whenever I go in for cleaning, the friendly dental hygienist seems to be trained to look gloomy as she measures the 'deep pockets' in my teeth. This is always followed with a visit from the dentist who warns that if I don't shell out X number of dollars for some serious work to offset my disappointing results, I will be a sad, toothless old woman in the future. This maudlin behavior is worse than even the discomfort of getting my teeth cleaned.