Neo Química - O Remédio da Família Brasileira - Nosso compromisso é com o bem-estar da família brasileira. Acesse e saiba mais sobre os medicamentos equivalentes e genéricos da Neo Química.

  • Farmacêutico/Balconista - Acesso Exclusivo - Neo Química - Tenha acesso ao conteúdo exclusivo da Neo Química para farmacêuticos e balconistas. Acesse e faça seu cadastro.
  • Televendas - Acesso Exclusivo - Neo Química - Confira todo o material exclusivo para auxílio de fornecedores da Neo Química. Acesse e faça seu cadastro.
  • Cadastro- Neo Química - Confira a lista completa de medicamentos equivalentes Neo Química. Mais saúde para sua família e seu bolso.
  • Qualidade de Vida - Neo Química - Nessa seção você terá acesso à informações importantes que contribuirão para o seu bem-estar e de sua família. Acesse.
  • Nova Campanha com Pablo - Miorrelax - No calor todo cuidado é pouco com o sol e ao consumir alimentos crus fora de casa. Confira algumas dicas importantes para evitar os problemas mais comuns durante o verão.

    Country:, South America, BR

    City: -43.2192 , Brazil

  • Larose - A familiar text in a new form

    I can once again read my Bible as an ebook with enlarged font. What a pleasure, I could no longer see the text of my print copy. I am still learning how to navigate the text.

  • Sophie - Must have in your first-aid kit!!

    I was so impressed with the quality of this thermometer! I've always been used to the old under-the-armit thermometers, and this was my first digital one. Safe to safe I'm never going back! There are two modes, in the ear, and on the forehead. The forehead one is what I've used the most because I still don't feel 100% confident I'm measuring correctly through the ear canal. It gives you a very fast and accurate reading. This thermometer also comes with batteries which is always great!

  • MsNick - Worked for my military PT test!

    I was concerned about my waist measurement for my upcoming PT test. I got lots of advice once I voiced concern. One being use Preparation I did for my practice test. My waist was measured at 35...but all other components were less than I knew I could score! I barely passed the practice test.

  • Lila W - "Her baby" said at least 1000x

    The book wasn't bad. It was a quick read and I liked the plot. However, it was a bit repetitive and I swear to god how many times can one write "her baby". Never her daughter, her kid, her child, Cora (kids name). 3 times on every page "her baby". I started to keep count. Tooooooo much

  • Lela M. Henderson - DID NOT WORK


  • A. Staff - For the price I expected better coverage. It goes on nice and smooth

    For the price I expected better coverage . It goes on nice and smooth. I noticed after a few hours it leaves my face patchy, and not covered very well. Its suppose to be a tint, which I like, but I have found better tints for more reasonable price.

  • Amazon Customer - Roadtrip Navigator 2012

    I have used Roadtrip Navigator for many years. I have tried MS Software too. The package from Delorme, Street Atlas, I have used for over 10 years. I upgrade Street Atlas every other year. I also upgrade Roadtrip Navigator every other year. For planing a RV trip you can do no better than Roadtrip Navigator. Is it perfect, NO. It doesn't list most of the Thousand Trail or ROD parks and I have to supply the address to the program. The ease of use and, especially, when you change your route or schedule, is outstanding. The national weather and road grades are really nice. Wish they showed the elevation ( I have a heart condition and can not go over 3000 feet). Would be wonderful if they get the program on the tablets (need to have the program to run on the extended memory). I don't use it in real time as I have an on-board navigation system but have used it just to see it connected to the GPS from Delorme. It worked great.