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  • Alisha - I love this app

    This is a review for the wish shopping app. I love this app. I love looking at all of the cheap clothes and accessories they have on there. I purchase some sandals from there for $20 and I constantly received compliments on them. They were decent quality and were very trendy. Beware though not everything is good quality and some things run small. I like to assume they are Asian clothing sizes so you may want to use a conversion chart. I sit for hours sometimes looking at all the stuff but I get annoyed when I start seeing a lot of repeat items. I also get annoyed at all the push notifications it send to my phone. Other than that if you are looking to find some cheap clothes and accessories to keep up with the seasons trends and you can wait a few weeks for it to get here then this is a good place for you to check out. Remember to pay attention to the sizing though and read others reviews on the fit. Some items even have pictures submitted by the users of them wearing the clothes and that helps you get a better idea of the fit rather than the apps pictures where all clothes are modeled by a very small Asian girl.

  • Lynda Dunbar - I Couldn't Be Happier

    I bought this because I'm allergic to nearly every perfume, fragrance, and odors on the planet, in that it causes respiratory distress (trouble breathing). There are only a small handful of fragrances/smells I can handle. Since I've tried every premade liquid shower soap/gel in all the local stores and had no luck finding any I can tolerate, I opted to try finding an unscented/fragrance free one and make my own by adding fragrance oils of the few smells I can tolerate to it. It was not an easy task. I was able to find some fragrance oils that were made correctly and were tolerable. The unscented/fragrance free soap was just as difficult. I have yet to find ANY that have absolutely NO smell to it at all. Most are made with ingredients that have their own natural odors, and many of those smells are pretty nasty. Also, many are very thin and liquidy, don't stay in the wash cloth nor do they lather up much (if at all). Not to mention many leave you feeling like a greased pig (very slick, slippery) an unable to scrub that slickness off.