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  • Amazon Customer - Buy THIS for your iPad Pro!

    This case is amazing. Slim yet substantial. It is everything I wanted. The pencil holder is great and I don't worry about it falling out. The wake/sleep cover works amazing!

  • Thane Krios - PERFECT! Wish I had picked it up ages ago

    This thing is perfect, I can't imagine a way it could be better. A few months ago I decided I was sick of fumbling with my auxiliary cord during my commute, which barely worked half the time and gave me a hiss/white noise the other half. I picked up a bluetooth receiver that was powered through my cigarette lighter's USB charger. Fast forward a month or two, and any shake of the wire killed the connection to that thing. So I started to look for battery powered Bluetooth receivers.

  • Zarkam - Rome travel advice

    We used this resource as background information to help us plan our recent Rome trip as we have found Rick Steve's guides to be very good. I can't speak to the food or hotel recommendations as there are so many to choose from and Rick can only mention a few of them. Rick's advice on converting dollars to Euros is to go into a bank to get the best exchange rate. I had five banks in Rome tell me they don't do currency exchanges and directed me to a nearby commercial money exchanger. My advice is to load up your bank account before you leave home and use ATM's to get your money. That way you'll get the best exchange rate. Street level money exchangers charge ridiculous fees. Rome is expensive as the Euro rate is not in our favor.

  • Master Card - 2012 Doomsday Movie

    To begin with, 2012 Doomsday has horrible special effects and acting. The actors didnt know their lines well enough to portray it. 2012 the new movie is much more mind boggling than this bag of garbage. The intentions were good but the acting and special effects were terrible.

  • Autumn Marie Hyatt - AMAZING!

    I LOVE this stuff! I actually bought it on accident just stocking up on household medicine and when I need Nyquil the most I never have it so I thought I would be proactive. The checkout lady said Oh this stuff is selling like crazy! I thought that was weird since it had been around forever and then I got home and looked closer. ZzzQuil! I have been trying to get up at 4am to get a jump start on work and to get my workout in but going to bed at 9pm is hard! Not with this stuff! I woudl recommend this stuff to everyone! LOVE!

  • Daddy_Amazon Customer - Everything works perfect! no problems at all, stable and intel-lan chip works with full duplex (1 Gb ) speed!

    Everything works perfect! no problems at all, stable and easy to understand bios layout and intel-lan chip works with full duplex (1 Gb ) speed!