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  • alwaysme - i promise these will work

    (excuse the grammar i'm being lazy)i am 23 and i have always had hair issues but when i found these pills i didn't believe they would work. i started taking them in November then i came down with the flu and had to stop but a month later while im throwing up i notice my nails are longer than they have ever been and i didn't even finish the bottle. so i also noticed as i was relaxing my hair the 2 inches i cut off had grown back so i have been taking these supplements for 3 months straight and i have seen my hair grow inches they really work and i have had no adverse side affects. by the way my skin is softer as well. some people on youtube said it gave them acne i suggest you use an acne system/wash with 2% salicylic acid in it twice a day.

  • Troy Agler - Disappointed

    Technically nothing wrong with this helmet. For the price, however, I would expect to receive a well made, light, aerodynamic product, made specifically for an advanced rider. First, the helmet itself did not seem well made. It had flashing all over the place, and seemed kind of flimsy overall. It was very light. In terms of fit, it was awful. It looked like a big mushroom on my head and the strapping was cumbersome and uncomfortable. I returned this product and ordered a Rudy Project Windmax for the same price from a different vendor. Absolutely love the fit and the advanced features (strapping, bug webbing, etc.) of the Rudy Project helmet.

  • Alfred E. - Don't Do It

    In my opinion this product will definately have an affect on other bodily functions. Any male trying it should be very careful

  • Gorgeous LaRue - It Is as Superb as It Can Get!

    It is important that you clean your colon. Only one thing-I can NOT take 8 of those pills! Four is enough-but it gets the job done! I only wish that it could flatten this big ol'stomach of mine-that is not cute at all! But I rate this 5-star because this is as superb as it can get! Thank you for the fast service-I got the package, only I had to wait a day late thanks to the carrier not placing it in the office because the people there decided that they were going to feed their faces! Even though these vitamins are a bit pricey, they are economical for the pocketbook-480 pills in one big bottle? Man-you can't beat that folks!