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  • Vince - I like using Crack the DAT because the program simulates the ...

    I received the program within the same day as I ordered it. I ran into some problems but they immediately fixed all of my issues. I like using Crack the DAT because the program simulates the actual DAT. Multiple tests and great explanations. Great bundle.

  • Bionic - It was okay.

    I didn't do much for my skin. I used it for 3 months and it's only helped control the acne on my back. I don't see much of a difference though so I'll be using my neutrogena again since it's cheaper & worked the same.

  • Nichole77 - Doesn't work

    I started taking Amberen in hopes of alleviating perimenopausal symptoms. Instead, what's happened is I've become more menopausal, it seems. I'm hot all the time. I feel like I'm burning up and my body is on fire. Everybody else around me can be cold, but you can feel the heat radiating off my skin now. I'm extremely uncomfortable because of this. On top of that, I've noticed an increase in swelling. I thought these were just random things happening to me at first, but they began a week after I started taking Amberen. Now after reading other reviews on the product, I'm going to stop taking the pills immediately. Instead of weight loss, I've gained water. Instead of reducing my hot flashes, I'm burning up all the time, and my sex drive has stayed the same. It's been a month and a half and they say you have to be on the pill for a month to witness any results. I don't recommend this product. It's just made me more miserable and was a waste of money out of the pocket.

  • Donna in Oregon - Dont waste your money

    Used this product as directed and had absolutely NO results in length or thickness. Dont waste your money.

  • William E. Rocovich - OUr second Subaru!

    We loved our 2011 Outback and only had 90K miles on it, but wanted the newer technology in the 2016 models. We purchased about the same level of options, 4-cyclinder with navigation, etc., but what a difference 5 years makes in the accessibility and technology! The navigatin and entertainment system is far better than before and the eyesight and lane departure features are awesome.

  • Kirk - They need better SPRAY bottles.

    The liquid is good to mask the smell, but the dang bottle does not spray properly once it is half empty. I have to level the bottle, spray it against a piece of toilet paper, then once the nozzle get properly filled, I can spray in the toilet. So this defeats the purpose since I end up wasting a lot of the liquid overtime. I wish they made them in liquid drops instead of the spray.