Local Information System: statistical data, documents and maps from Nottingham City Council - Nottinghamshire Insight - Nottingham's Local Information System, containing strategies and plans, research, needs assessments, statistical summaries, interactive mapping, data and profiles.

  • https://nottinghaminsight.org.uk/insight/framework/city-key-strategies.aspx Nottingham City Key Strategies - Nottinghamshire Insight - Nottingham Insight provides easy access to Nottingham's public sector Key Strategies and Plans. This page aims to bring local strategies and policy briefings together in one place.
  • https://nottinghaminsight.org.uk/insight/framework/local-economic-assessment/home.aspx Nottingham and Nottinghamshire's joint Local Economic Assessment - Nottinghamshire Insight - Access to the Joint Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Local Economic Assessment. This statutory document provides information on the economic conditions in the local area in order to get a more accurate, evidence based picture of the opportunities and challenges facing the local economy.
  • https://nottinghaminsight.org.uk/d/70163 Equality Impact Assessments (EqIAs) | Nottinghamshire County Council - The purpose of carrying out an Equality Impact Assessment is to assess the impact of a change to services or policy on people with protected characteristics and to demonstrate that the Council has considered the aims of the Equality Duty.
  • https://nottinghaminsight.org.uk/insight/partnerships/planning/home.aspx Nottinghamshire Planning Partnership - Nottinghamshire Insight - Nottinghamshire Planning Partnership aims to align data collection activities across the Planning Authorities in Nottinghamshire, developing tools that fulfil monitoring activities Councils are required to carry out.
  • https://nottinghaminsight.org.uk/insight/partnerships/voluntary/home.aspx Resource hub for the Community and Voluntary Sector - Nottinghamshire Insight - Pages created for Community and Voluntary Sector to help support CVS Groups to write funding bids / applications, therefore increasing fundraising in Nottingham City.
  • https://nottinghaminsight.org.uk/IAS/dataviews/ Data Views | Home - InstantAtlas™ Server - InstantAtlas Server, used by Data Professionals around the world, InstantAtlas data visualization software is used to report and present statistical information on geographic maps
  • https://nottinghaminsight.org.uk/insight/search/list.aspx Document Library: Document Library - Internal Network Insight - The library contains published documents, alerts and data for Internal Network. You're currently in folder:
  • https://nottinghaminsight.org.uk/insight/gc/government_consultations.aspx Responses to Government Consultations - Nottinghamshire Insight - Nottingham City Council responses to Central Government consultations on issues that have significant implications for local government or for Nottingham.
  • https://nottinghaminsight.org.uk/insight/newconsultation/consultations.aspx Local Consultation Finder - Nottinghamshire Insight - Find information on all consultations and surveys that are currently taking place or due to take place in Nottingham City. Also find out about the results of past surveys, such as the Citizen Survey.
  • https://nottinghaminsight.org.uk/insight/search/unified_search.aspx Search for resources, including documents, data, profiles and maps - Nottinghamshire Insight - Search for resources on Nottingham Insight in our Document, Data, Profile and Map Libraries.
  • https://nottinghaminsight.org.uk/insight/search/advanced-search.aspx Advanced search - Nottinghamshire Insight - Advanced document search - find documents according to file name, date, coverage area and other values.
  • https://nottinghaminsight.org.uk/insight/partnerships/voluntary/population.aspx Nottingham's Population - Nottinghamshire Insight - Basic Statistics about Nottingham's Population, which would be used in most funding bids.
  • https://nottinghaminsight.org.uk/insight/key-datasets/indices-of-multiple-deprivation-2015.aspx Indices of Deprivation 2015 - Nottinghamshire Insight - Resources about the 2015 release of Indices of Deprivation for Nottinghamshire
  • https://nottinghaminsight.org.uk/insight/key-datasets/customer/customer-insight.aspx Customer Insight - understanding your customers - Nottinghamshire Insight - Help understanding and applying customer insight techniques. It focuses around the use of Experian's Mosaic product, with Group and Type Summaries and access to the Grand Index.
  • https://nottinghaminsight.org.uk/insight/library/citizens-survey.aspx Nottingham Citizens' Survey - Nottinghamshire Insight - Links to the results of the Nottingham Citizens' Survey 2012, and previous Citizen Surveys
  • https://nottinghaminsight.org.uk/insight/help/about.aspx About the Insight web family - Nottinghamshire Insight - A brief description of the Insight web family, and its purpose to provide an online shared evidence base in Nottinghamshire.

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