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  • #14 – Market Failure & Nuclear Power | Nuclear Economics - This month, Exelon decided to retire Clinton (photo above) and Quad Cities, OPPD decided to retire Fort Calhoun, and PG&E decided not to pursue license
  • June 2016 Update | Nuclear Economics - In the first half of 2016, NECG was involved in the CINTAC Nuclear Financing Workshop, the JAIF Annual Conference, and the IFNEC Nuclear Finance Conference
  • #13 – Davis-Besse | Nuclear Economics - U.S. merchant nuclear power plants are losing money selling power into wholesale electricity markets. Two have retired early and more than a dozen are
  • #12 – Nuclear flexibility | Nuclear Economics - Ontario Nuclear Flexibility Nuclear power plants usually operate in base load mode, but might enhance value by flexible operation. In September 2015, I
  • #10 - Government & merchant nuclear | Nuclear Economics - U.S. merchant nuclear projects sell power into electricity markets at a loss; two have closed. Should the government have a role in preventing more closures.
  • NECG #9 Nuclear Surrender? | Nuclear Economics - A rebuttal of a WSJ article suggesting that the U.S. surrendered the nuclear power industry to Russia and China as a result of nuclear safety regulation
  • #8 Death of nuclear power is foolish | Nuclear Economics - On 21 April 2015, Motley Fool published an article about the death of nuclear power that should have been released 2 weeks earlier - on April Fools’ Day.
  • #7 - Turkish Viewpoint | Nuclear Economics - This Commentary is a guest post by Tom O’Sullivan of Mathyos. Tom attended a lunch meeting at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan (FCCJ) on 2 Apr 2015

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