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  • K. Wilcox - not that great.

    I liked 2010 Big Game Hunter much better than this new one. In 2010 the animals hide behind natural (trees or brush) & in the 2012 they used hunting blinds. The 2012 also loaded too slowly.

  • noyoureatowel1 - Better than Expected

    I kept this product in my wish list for quite some time and it stayed there for months due to my reluctance to purchase it.

  • Gabby - Rolls up on the face, and doesn't hide trouble areas

    I have used some great CC creams before. This is not one of them. I would honestly return it if I hadn't waited so long, trying to give it the good college try. The cream is the right shade for my skin, but it doesn't cover my trouble areas well at all. My cheeks are still rosy red, and my under eye area is still blue. The only reason I even know I'm wearing any is because the moment I smear it on even half a second too long, it begins to clump and comes up. Have you ever applied glue to your hand, let it dry, and then rubbed it? You know how it rolls up into a nice, long, tube-shaped piece of glue? That's what this CC cream does if you apply it just a second too long. It rolls up and off of your skin immediately. I would recommend that if you are in the market for a good CC cream, that you continue the search.

  • Roz Frasier - 1,000 Times Better Than MYOB

    After struggling with MYOB for years and being thoroughly disappointed in its anti-friendly user interfaces, I thought I'd give Quickbooks a shot. I've used it for almost a year now and it's about a thousand times better than MYOB. It's easy to use, the online support is great, and it's a good price. If you have no background in accounting, you can handle this. My only complaint is that there is no TurboTax for Business for the Mac which means I had to purchase the version for Windows and borrow a laptop. I had forgotten what an oaf Windows is. PLEASE develop business tax software to work with QB for the Mac.