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Country:, Oceania, NZ

City: 174.7667 Auckland, New Zealand

  • Douglas P Mason - A great Entry level bike

    I purchased this bike because I wanted to get a road bike but couldn't afford to go to a bike shop and pay full retail. I am very pleased with this bike. It shifts great and rides really fast. This is an entry level bike so the components are not the best. I purchased this bike from amazon for 475.99 with free shipping and no tax. I attempted to assemble it myself but gave up quickly. I took it to my LBS that sells diamondbacks and they assembled it for 65 dollars. I have $550 into this bike my LBS sells a comparable bike for $800 plus tax. I think I did well on this bike.

  • MissCate - Too many discrepancies

    I have several problems with this book. A number of foods on Jorge's Belly Good list are actually foods that have a high glycemic index, even though they have little or no added sugar, i.e., Shredded Wheat, crackers, Cheerios, to name a few. And on the other hand he lists several foods on his Belly Bad list that are actually quite low on the glycemic index, such as MILK!!!, yogurt, and frosted flakes. The book THE GLUCOSE REVOLUTION explains the science behind the glycemic index and how many foods with sugar are okay to eat because they break down very slowly in the body, meaning they have a low glycemic index. Dr. Andrew Weil praised THE GLUCOSE REVOLUTION, and he also praises THE BELLY FAT CURE. Yet these two books are not in keeping with each other at all. Explain how he can support both books? One more problem with the BFC book is that Jorge implies that you can eat as much as you want as long as you stick with the sugar/carb rule, but yet he tells you to follow his weekly menus which are on the skimpy side if you ask me. One more thing, the sweetener stevia made me very ill!

  • Becky Bertuzzi - Great Antenna Replacement!

    I purchased this for a 2012 Chevy Equinox (the existing antenna was too long for my garage door). It was very easy to install and I don't notice a difference in sound quality. The price is extremely reasonable and it was the perfect solution for my door height on the garage door.

  • KEN W COPELAND - Receptacle Tester

    After being an electrician for over 39 years & being an electrical inspector for over 15 years I have found that this tester is the best I have ever used, & I have used them all!

  • Holly - May cause intense pains during period

    I gave this 3 stars because the shipping is easy, my doctor recommended this, and it doesn't taste bad. I tried this for 3 months last year (before trying clomid by my doctor) then things got busy and I took a break from trying so hard.

  • RVTJess - BEST Facial Serum for Under $30!

    I am in my late 20's and a big fan of "preventative" care. After doing a lot of research of different skin care/serum products, I was always taken aback by the really high price tags for a tiny amount of the "good stuff" until I came across an article that mentioned "best facial serums for under $30". This one was the highest rated among the list.

  • Terry Houchin - but this one was brilliant. I can so see people getting invested and ...

    I just finished the book and I have to tell you I still have that warm fuzzy feeling all over and a smile on my lips. I don't know where she gets her ideas, but this one was brilliant. I can so see people getting invested and wanting to know what happens next on Julia's blog posts. In this day and time, we hear all the time about something "going viral". Killing someone with kindness and seeing what happens is a great concept. A Biblical concept.