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  • Brian K - Router has an admin account and backdoor root account, password is motorola, change both!!

    3 stars because the default password in the manual is wrong. It's "motorola" not "password." Also, not only does this have an admin account but it also has a "root" backdoor account which is insanely stupid because the default password for this account is also "password" and gives that user full access to the router EVEN IF you've changed the admin account name and password. So dumb. Be sure to change the passwords on both accounts. Who knows if there are any other default backdoor accounts.

  • Greg - Works Great if You let It Work

    This product worked for me and probably saved me well over $1000. I have a 20 X 40 foot pool that hold about 30,000 gallons of water. It is equipped with an Hayward AquaRite salt chlorinator. I had been adding 4 to 8 bags of salt a month as well as other chemicals. Everything I read told me that I should not be losing salt except for splash out and backwash. I did the bucket test for 5 days to determine how much water I was losing and it turned out to be about 1.5 to 2 inches per day. Using food coloring and a small syringe I tested for leaks in all the obvious places with no results. I then turned off the skimmer and put a plug in the input under the basket and bucket tested again. This time it was only a .5 inch per day loss, or about 2.5 inches over 5 days. This told me that I had water losses on both the suction and return sides of the system, with the most on the suction side. This was bad news, as the suction side is much more difficult to fix ( this has probably led to many of the bad reviews of this product). This product works by flowing into the cracks and leaks and sealing them. On the suction side the flow is outward from the cracks. Therefore nothing normally flows into the crack ( the suction side only leaks when the pool pump is turned off). To counter this you need to be able to apply positive pressure to the line. I have about 80 to 90 feet of PVC pipe from my skimmer to my pump house, so I put about 4 ounces of Fix A Leak into the inlet at the bottom of the skimmer using a dish soap squeeze bottle and turned the pump on for 10 seconds. I repeated this 2 more times and added the last 4 ounces without turning the pump on (total 16 ounces). I them closed the skimmer valve. To get positive pressure I attached a plumbing drain cleaning bladder ( from Home Depot or Harbor Freight) to a garden hose and inserted it into the opening at the bottom of the skimmer and turned the water on full blast. The bladder ruptured after about 10 minutes, but its work was done. I them put a plug into the skimmer hole and turned the pump back on using only the floor drain for 5 days. After 5 days I opened the skimmer and added the final 16 ounces of Fix A Leak and let it flow through the system for another 4 days, sweeping it toward the floor drain every 8 to 12 hours. I might add that this entire time my sand filter was on bypass. Also, as recommended by the Fix A Leak people, in response to my email, I removed my Salt T Cell and replaced it with a Winter Bypass Cell (that I also got from Amazon). I needed this because the T Cell does not use standard size fittings. After the final 4 days of circulating Fix A Leak I turned my sand filter back on, backwashed, replaced my T Cell and added 2 bags of salt to get my level up to 3000ppm. This whole process took about 14 days(not counting the leak testing); significantly more that the label recommends, but I wanted to give this the maximum chance of working. Before starting this process I raised my chlorine level well above normal and checked it every couple of days. The pool got a little dirty not running the filter for 10 days, but no algae. When completed on September 25th salt level was 3000ppm. As I write this (Nov 21) the level is 3100ppm. I need to add some water.

  • Becki - Not worth the price!

    i saw pictures of this product on Pinterest and wanted to try it so bad! I used it several times at the tanning bed and do not feel that it made me any tanner than any other lotion I've used. It also doesn't smell that great and is hard to get out of the bottle after a few uses! It's really only good for moisturizing.

  • Michael Henderson - Good Tool for Kindle Author

    Microsoft offers a trial period (30 days, I think) to see if Word will be a good fit. I tried the trial and within a few days after becoming aware of how to do what I needed to do, I realized this was the program I needed. I had using a popular free writing program but had a dickens of a time setting it up so it could translate correctly into format Kindle liked. Never did get 100% compliance.

  • C. Sherwin - It works!

    I purchase this product for my 86 year old Mother who was hospitalized with chronic diarrhea and this product has certainly helped her. I recommend it highly. I would like to see the price drop some but it is an excellent product for anyone with digestive/bowel problems.

  • Cbots - not worth the barely discernible change you may or may not notice

    It's just not worth the expense. I'm on my second whitening system and have seen no difference (or maybe, little difference) between the whiteness of my teeth (which are normal, non-dentist-enhanced white) before or since use. I brush twice a day AND bought and use the Supersmile gum. I usually brush after my one and only cup of coffee. I think $60 can be better spent elsewhere. I would suggest that brushing mid-day or putting a little baking soda on your toothbrush with your regular $2.50 toothpaste will get you as white or whiter.

  • Steve Nice - Every kid should have one of these in their bedroom!

    I bought this as a birthday present for my daughter that turned fourteen. She absolutely loves it. It works great out of the box, you just plug it in and it begins a light show anywhere that it is pointed. The designs and lights are changing and it will even flash to the beat of the music. I would have preferred that the cord to be a little longer, as if I want to put this up on the ceiling, I am going to have to clutter her room up with an extension cord. That would just look messy and take away from the cool appeal that this light offers. Also, It would have been good for this to have an on/off switch. Right now, if you want to turn it on or off, you will have to plug it in or unplug it. This is a very basic disco light and does not offer any settings to change color or lighting patterns. It is pretty much just a plug in and go kinda thing. Still, it is super neat and very entertaining and something that every kid would love to have in their bedroom.