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  • stacythetrainer - These are so awesome!

    I bought 2 of these for my 11 month old twins. These things are the best. We had one from another brand and it was too big to be portable. These go to all restaurants with us and anywhere we go! They stay in the car. The built-in bag so you cannot lose it is genius!

  • Danielle Willkens - Great case! I love the texture and how it ...

    Great case! I love the texture and how it is thin yet clearly protective of the iPad. The Pencil holder is well designed and snug. It's also not too bulky and the whole case fits nicely in my waterproof sleeve.

  • Jeff McClain - Adequate.

    I wanted to just get a good organized budgeting software package beyond tracking everything in my own homegrown Excel spreadsheet, and more importantly, wanted to get something that automatically downloaded from my online banking accounts. I tried mint.com for free online banking, but it wouldn't download back more than a couple months...Suck. All my historic transactions and categories and no way to get them imported in...at all...even from a quicken data file. Turns out, I understood more about what I needed than they did with my XLS tracking. Either that, or I'm just thinking wrong and need an attitude adjustment. Possibly. So, I'm giving it a couple months. What really has me irritated, is that mint.com had a pretty good connection to all the online banks and informations, including mortgages. You would think Qucken would do that same thing? Not so. It does NOTHING with online banking mortgage/loan information, and you have to manually enter loan origination dates and all sorts of current balance, etc. mint.com was WAY better for this...I hope I'm missing something.