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  • Joan N. - Thinking what God thinks of you

    “You were programmed to live an abundant, victorious, faith-filled life,” Osteen writes. “That's how your Creator designed you” (2) But we have allowed our thinking to be faulty. We have not guarded our minds like Scripture tells us. We need to clear out all the negative thinking and not let it take root. We are to meditate on what God says about us, getting rid of negative labels and believing God's labels.

  • toddlerangel - Not what I thought

    I was very excited about the stroller, I carefully read all the reviews but shortly after the purchase I was really dissapointed. I would take my child for daily walks, about mile long, the wheels started showing bad wear after only two weeks. After 6 weeks I noticed my son was sitting kind of funny and crooked. I finally decided to check the bottom of the stroller and noticed that the main support bar (plastic bar under the seat)was broken off on the right side. The stroller comes with a one-year manufactor waranty. I contacted the company and sent the pictures, they answered that I was the one that pretty much broke it. My son was only only 12 month old at the time. I still have the broken stroller in the trunk, my boyfriend repaired it as best as he could and I still use it. I have to I can't fold it all the way anymore but my son at least sits in an even position. I don't have [$] to spend every year for a new stroller, unfortunetelly.It is very difficult to manuever with one hand, the wheels don't turn easily, the basquet is useless because of the anoying bar that doesn't let you even put a small diaper bag. It is light though, that is the main reason why I got the stroller, considering my physical condition.

  • Melkoni - Very Well made, very durable, easy to install, very bright, Solar rechargeable lights. worth every penny

    This Premium Stainless Steel Solar Garden Lights arrived fast in nicely packed retail packaging. Let me start with, This is NOT one of those cheap quality garden lights you can purchase from Walmart or other stores. This is Very Well made, very durable, easy to install, very bright, Solar rechargeable lights. Made from stainless steel, so no rusting and they good for any weather. For the quality of this product they are very nicely priced, worth every penny. This is one of those products that I would give 10 star if I could. Overall Very bright and high quality garden lights.