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  • Stephanie Potter - My face feels amazing afterwards!!!

    I have to say that I was a bit nervous trying out a new face wash aside from the typical big name brands I buy at the drug store, but I am so pleasantly surprised by this face wash! It arrived sealed and brand new as described with no damage or leaking from the bottle. I like that this face wash does not have a harsh smell to it. There's almost no smell, it does have a subtle scent and I think it's the scent of the rose hips that comes through. It's a light, pleasant scent that is not irritating to the nose. This face wash is very thick and one pump into your hand is all you need. Two pumps is too many and too much wash in my opinion. There are no exfoliating beads or anything, it's a smooth, clear liquid. There are not any harsh ingredients so no burning sensation when washing. When I was done washing and rinsing my face, I could feel how noticeably smooth it was! And my favorite thing about this face wash is that once I cleaned and dried my face, there was no tight feeling of my skin! It also did not get dry after I patted my face with a towel. It was silky smooth and felt so refreshed and moisturized! I applied a moisturizer I had on hand afterwards and I could not stop rubbing my silky smooth cheek. This is a great facial wash and I encourage anyone to try it if you're thinking about it!

  • Sparky_jr - Bleeding edge technology and poor support

    Great idea and technology but it's definitely bleeding edge. The thermostat is easy to install, easy to setup and has many cool interesting options. However, I haven't been able to fully use it because of dropped network connections. It needs wireless access to your network. I have submitted a support ticket submitted and it has gone up to Tier 3 for several weeks with no responses or updates. I've been told that with the latest software update, my router is incompatible. When asked which routers are compatible, they can't confirm because it changes with each of their software release. When asked when is the expected resolution time, it's been crickets. This device is heavily dependent on their software releases. And if the release is buggy, you are stuck with it. I want to love it but not getting the support for it.

  • Amanda - Horrible product

    DO NOT USE ON ANYTHING YOU CARE ABOUT!! Let me start by saying that this was purchased from a home improvement store. I read the box and asked an associate about this product. He said he didn't know much about it because they had just got it in.

  • Hershey Frost 😘😍 - 5 star read for sure!!

    Lucinda has become one of my favorites. Every book I read by her is better than the last. This book is hands down the best of the series. Man I love those dang Godfrey brothers 😍. There is so much entertainment and action packed in my emotions were everywhere. I laughed, teared up a bit, went off and geared up for war LOL. Sad this is the end but I'm ready for Love in the Trap 2. That sneak peek was good!! In the meantime I need to investigate if my husband has any Godfrey blood in him because I swear he's a mix of all 3. When Maleek was going crazy about Shay leaving him at his father's birthday bash I almost died laughing, like this is my crazy behind man 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Retired Opera Singer - This Version is a disappointment after many Epson all in one

    This is the 4th Epson all in one we have owned. We have two at the moment. The Eco Tank is a mess. When it works it is great as they have all been BUT - Every time I shut down my computer and restart, the ET-4500 is "OFFLINE". Actually if you check the printer it is not, WiFi is connected and all but I must reboot both printer and desk top over and over and Support seems to only fix it by uninstall and reinstall - Done that now ten times. Beware - BTW it is only this latest EcoTank the other is fine, oh and every time it does print you get told to check your ink.

  • Cora Grace - Double Rich Chocolate Tastes Like Cocoa Powder

    The Double Rich Chocolate tastes like pure cocoa powder. We had the extreme milk chocolate before, which we felt tasted rather weak so we decided to try something that would probably be stronger. However, this is a very strong pure cocoa powder taste. It is rather bitter and not very sweet. My husband is okay with it since he doesn't drink it for the taste, but I like to make shakes and tasty stuff out of them and this one isn't doing it for me. If you don't like super sweet shakes then this one is for you! I had the Cookies and Cream before and felt it was a little too sweet, but I would much rather have that flavor than the Double Rich Chocolate.

  • Coach KG - Great Home Theater Demo Flick

    The "2012" plot was so-so. However, the special effects were great. The ~5 minute scene in LA where the earthquake is alluded will make a surround sound home theater come to life (like War of the Worlds, How to Train Your Dragon, Avatar, etc.). Woody Harrelson has a short but funny part.