Organic Pharmacy a natural remedy alternative pharmacy using a non pharmaceutical approach to Aging, Cirrhosis, Fatigue, Cancers & more - Organic dietary health supplements for Anti Aging, Cirrhosis, Fatigue and Cancers available at Organic Pharmacy.

  • Why isn't Organic Pharmacy on Facebook? | Organic Pharmacy - Hello FriendsOrganic Pharmacy has opted out of the "old" social media platforms of Facebook / Twitter and is setting up shop on the Tsū network because Tsū's fresh approach combines the functionality of facebook, twitter and even PayPal.  But what's most excites us is that Tsū actually respects your rights. Tsū is the 1st social media platform to allow the users to Keep The Rights To Their Content and Likeness. Tsū is also the 1st social media platform to pay it's users 90% of the ad revenue generated by the platform.
  • Walmart Health Supplements | Organic Pharmacy - Walmart locations have replaced local downtown commerce in many of our nations smaller cities. However many items, especially high quality health supplements can be cheaper from specialized small businesses like ours. Walmart prices many daily necessities at rock bottom prices but plans to make up their loss on those items when you pay extreme mark ups on other items. One of our valued customers recently informed us that she buys her supplements from us because our prices are cheaper than Walmart. We were shocked by this information and decided to do a price comparison of Walmart prices against our low everyday health supplement prices. The difference is overwhelmingly in our favor. Out of the 234 products that we carrywe found 51 that were indeed Cheaper than the Walmart Price.Most of the other products that we carry are of a specialized nature and are not available at Walmart locations. We found 11 products that cost at least 10 bucks more at Walmart.We found 17 more products that were 5-10 bucks more.We found 23 more products that cost a little more at Walmart. We would hope that you would prefer to Save Money and Support Independent Small Business over the the Walmart Superstore when possible and therefore thought you would find this Walmart Health Supplement price comparison useful.
  • Welcome to Healthy Organic Supplements & Treatments | Organic Pharmacy - About Organic Pharmacy Organic Pharmacy is a natural remedy alternative pharmacy dedicated to organic supplements for Anti Aging, Arthritis, Cancers, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Cirrhosis, Hepatitis C and other Immune System diseases with a non pharmaceutical approach. Superior, Organic Quality Medical Foods, Homeopathic, Glandular Extracts, Natural Medicinal Supplements and more...
  • Delicious Tea Recipes For Your Health | Organic Pharmacy - How To Make Our Herbal Teas Healthy recipes for Milk Thistle, Burdock, Dandelion, Hyssop, Licorice, Cats Claw & Reshi Tea.
  • Vision Loss, a Growing Side Effect of Sovaldi | Organic Pharmacy - Within ten days of being on Harvoni, the left eye became visually impaired and after one month of Harvoni which was D/C'd yesterday by my Dr. And I, i. Can now say I am almost legally blind in the left eye.
  • Anti-Aging Strategy That Gets to Heart of Health: Lloyd Wright's Protocols | Organic Pharmacy - When it comes to developing strategies for total health, there are few who have as much experience doing so for their own health, or for the health of his client base, often with their feedback, then Lloyd Wright.  His own struggles combating the deadly Hepatitis C virus saw him develop an 18 month diet/supplement regimen, with the help of a medical doctor, that freed him from the bonds the disease and sent him on a path to helping others around the world with Hep C and a host of other ailments. 
  • Alternative Medicine for Celebrex | Organic Pharmacy - The use of Celebrex and many of the non-prescription NSAIDs alternatives only treat the symptoms associated with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis; one often overlooked alternative to Celebrex are natural supplements that affect the health issues that cause this pain and inflammation.
  • TA-65 | Organic Pharmacy - TA-65 for telomerase activation now on sale at Organic Pharmacy made by T.A. Sciences.
  • Naringenin | Organic Pharmacy - Naringenin for weight loss, immune system, liver, hepatitis now on sale at Organic Pharmacy made by Alternative Medicine Pharmacy.
  • Cartilade | Organic Pharmacy - Cartilade for joints, arthritis, Angiogenesis, cancer, cirrhosis, back pain now on sale at Organic Pharmacy made by Douglas Labs.
  • Lloyd's NatCell Thymus | Organic Pharmacy - Lloyd's NatCell Thymus for cirrhosis, cancer, hepatitis, immune system now on sale at Organic Pharmacy made by Alternative Medicine Pharmacy.
  • Telomeres and Milk Thistle | Organic Pharmacy - Milk thistle, also known as the plant Silybum marianum, is one of the best for clearing toxins from your blood and GI tract and helps restore liver function. Many ailments are related to toxin build-up. These toxins amass over time. This further ages your body. I have been able to document its capacity to heal damaged livers by measuring serum liver enzymes. There are no regular food sources for this herb. Look for dried extract with a minimum of 80% silymarin, the active ingredient for liver cleansing, and as we now know, maintaining your telomere length.
  • Terms of Use | Organic Pharmacy - TERMS OF USE DISCLAIMER The statements made herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products & the information provided on this web site are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, prevent or mitigate any condition or disease. As always, consult with your health care practitioner before taking any medication or nutritional supplement.
  • Return Policy | Organic Pharmacy - In keeping with our quality commitment, our return policy requires that the customer notify Organic Pharmacy and request a return good authorization within 48 hours of receipt of the product. Upon approval, returns must be shipped to our facility within 48 hours. All returns are subject to a 25% restocking charge and cost of return shipping. Returns may only be made on Pills, Capsules, teas and bottled supplements; NO returns will be accepted on Frozen Supplements, NatCell, Xtra Cell or Comitris in compliance with FDA rules. Please call if you have any additional questions.

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  • Aaron Brabson - I decided to try MasterBrain 3 weeks ago and I have had great results. First is my sleep

    My job requires long hours and intense training mixed in. I decided to try MasterBrain 3 weeks ago and I have had great results. First is my sleep, living in the city we have a lot of loud noises that tended to wake me up but since MasterBrain I have been staying asleep longer. My job requires me to be on a computer for long hours and I struggled to stay concentrated. About a week of taking MasterBrain I had noticed I had been making more calls and getting more done at work. Love this product and will continue to use it.

  • Janet Price - print is way too small

    I like to leave the "Best of" books in my guest room . The print is so small that guests (and I) have trouble reading it. This is particularly true when reading in bed before sleep. I'm very disappointed since I order these books every year and am devoted to the short story format.

  • Mea Bowles - Awesome set for the price.

    Love the stability and weight of the set. The handles are great as well. We have gas and we have really enjoyed the deep sauce pan.


    I made the mistake of ordering this from a third party seller. If it's not shipped from Amazon, be forewarned, you may receive a recalled copy, like i had. I was sent a copy with the previously mentioned defect that others have mentioned within this products reviews. The coin windows are labeled "P" and "D" for the two different mints. When you flip to the other side, where the labels should be a mirror image, it read's "P" and "D" in that order. Example: You put in a coin in the P slot, flip over the page where you can see it through the window on the other side and the label will read "D". Many of you earlier purchasers would understand. I went directly to the publisher who gave me this long explanation of how they can't replace it because they've already replaced all the defective copies by crediting the merchandisers? Merchandisers are supposed to trash the defective copies? I don't know..... so the seller i bought it from probably got it from the back of a truck and turned around on Amazon to sell it?? I don't know. To the effect that "Sorry we can't help you. Go to the person who got it from you. We've already done our part on the wholesale end". They will only replace books bought directly from their website and now i have to go through all this with the seller. Not fun. ANYHOO.....besides all this, i like this book and my 9 y.o. is really enjoying it. Coins are very easy to insert and the windows slide in and out easily....the graphics design is very nice and clean. Lots of information about collecting the state coins. I highly recommend this one. Again, word to the wise, be cautious when buying from third party sellers unless you don't mind the potential hassle of returning a defective item.

  • Giovanna Hurtado - I absolutely loved this new book

    I absolutely loved this new book. Violet at times grated my nerves with how dim she came off as at the begining, but through the middle and by the end her character really developed. I am excited to read the next part of her and Viggo's story!