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Document management systems from P2B - Document management systems from P2B, cost effective, efficient and ensuring P2B for your business.

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  • mandopickr - A great metal detector for new hobbyists, or those wanting to upgrade from intro detectors.

    White's Coinmaster GT is a affordable metal detector with mid-level features. It has features that make it an easy detector to use for those new to metal detecting, as well as those that are looking to step up from entry level detector. It offers straight-forward operation for those that don't understand or want to deal with issues such as ground balance, sensitivity, and notch discrimination of a multitude of numbers. The GT has automatic ground tracking for ground balance, sensitivity has a default level, and there are 9 areas of discrimination.

  • Eric Lee - Get this ball

    I was initially concerned about buying this ball. I had read good things, but was unsure if I could like this ball as much as the Molten Pro Touch. I played with it the other day for the first time and immediately noticed how easy it was to pass, set, and hit. This is a hitters ball! The other thing you immediately notice is how easy this ball is to see and how well this ball floats and sets - no more bad sets! This ball is softer than the Pro Touch/Super Touch yet it plays just as hard. It feels like genuine leather not "plasticky" like I've read in some reviews. The group I generally play with is a diverse group of players and not a single person (from AA to near terrible) complained about this ball. If you are on the fence about this ball, take the won't regret it.

  • Jackson - easy and looks great

    This light is very easy to install, and looks great. It basically replaces the existing tail light and all the cables are the exact same as the OEM parts, so it's easy to remove/install. If you've never removed fairings before, you can do the job in less than 2 hours going very slowly. If you're familiar with fairing removal, it can easily be done in 30 minutes or less.

  • ducet - Toyota Tundra / Tacoma has a penchant for self-locking when you least expect it. Here is the fix!

    I spent more time removing the vault from its use-proof package than I spent installing it on the hitch of my Tundra!

  • Christina - I have to admit the product smells nice and a little goes a long way

    I am big into organic beauty products. I have to admit the product smells nice and a little goes a long way. It doesn't cause any irritation but hasn't improved the quality of my skin. I like using this with my clairsonic so I can really work the product in. Otherwise it feels like it isn't cleansing very efficiently. I wouldn't order again, but I'm satisfied enough to finish the product