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  • Marriland - Generally OK 4K TV, but with annoying black flickering issues

    Got a great deal on this during Amazon's Prime Day, but it has its own set of issues that I've noticed in the roughly two months of owning it. First of all, setting up the TV was a pain — maybe it was poor timing and Samsung's servers were down, but when I was trying to set up the TV for the first time, it was unbelievably slow and wouldn't connect to anything. Even plugging into a wired (powerline) Ethernet connection didn't resolve the issue; in fact, it seemed to make it worse. A few hours later, everything seemed to connect just fine like nothing was wrong, and no, it wasn't an intermittent internet issue that I was having, since every other connection in my house worked just fine.

  • kat lock - the juicr taste great. Ive been drinking nothing but water

    Starting day 2.. the juicr taste great. Ive been drinking nothing but water. The first day I followed thr directions 4oz juice mixed with 4oz water 3x throighout the day. So one in morning one around lunch one around dinner I have one right before bed.. about every 4hours. Lots and lots of water. Did not eat. I peed alot bht no bowl movement (which I thought since its a detox).

  • Buster - My miracle drug for IBS

    I have had stomach/intestinal issues since childhood. Align has been a lifesaver for me and allows me to live a normal life as far as my digestive system is concerned. To save on costs, I have tried other imitation Align-type meds and none of them work. I HIGHLY recommend Align.

  • The Shoe - Great stuff!

    I have had similar products before... but they have always had a generic (fake) smell to them. What is very unique about this product is the fact that it actually has a bacteria-laden smell to it. It truly smells like a bunch of juice that you got out of a hundred sick butt-holes. I had my mother take a whiff of the spray nozzle before I ever used it and she said "That is germs!!! Don't spray that in the house." One spray and it smells like someone dumped the contents of a hundred people's excrements; that was baking in the sun (right in the middle of the room with you.)

  • Julian C - very good and are perfect complement

    Today I passed my PMP exam. I can say PMP Exam How to Pass On Your First Try. It was very helpful together with Rita Mulcahy. Both are very, very good and are perfect complement.

  • kazza - Not for wider width

    I have worn ASICS before with success, but these don't fit at all. I do have a wider foot, and perhaps it's the slip-on design that doesn't work for me, but I bought a 1/2 size larger to account for it and they are still way too tight. I'll be returning them, which is too bad, because they are very cute!