Battery Powered Person | Basketball Coach/Athlete Living with dystonia & brain pacemakers raising awareness to help find a cure 4 dystonia - Basketball Coach/Athlete Living with dystonia & brain pacemakers raising awareness to help find a cure 4 dystonia

  • My Mission | Battery Powered Person - I thought it might be helpful to take a step back and share my mission of building awareness around dystonia.Through a variety of activities and forums including our annual benefit, dystonia advocacy day on Capitol Hill in DC and writing this blog to share my thoughts on living with dystonia,  I want to raise awareness for this rare…
  • dystonia Awareness – klonopin FREE! | Battery Powered Person - September is dystonia awareness month and I want to help, share and give hope to people suffering from this horrible condition. It's been almost 2 years since I've written a blog about my journey with dystonia partly because of the overwhelming challenges of brain infections, 2 more DBS surgeries and the frustrations of reprogramming the…
  • Service Dog Humor | Battery Powered Person - Friday April 4th, 2014 - I returned to the world of full blown dystonia due to an infection.   No biggie?  Been on antibiotics for 7 weeks and for the inquisitives that means you take pills that make you sick but (Hopefully) kill the infection.  Returning to this world (condition) also requires revisiting dystonia meds.…

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  • SocialButterfly - Hot Flash Control YES, Libido Booster NO

    I guess I'm the only one of the current reviewers who was hoping Amberen's claims on libido enhancement were true. As my title suggests, Amberen does not deliver in this department which is why I'm on Amazon today researching a new supplement.

  • Isabella - INCREDIBLE!!! SO helpful and SO worth it!!

    I’ve been wanting and planning to get a water flosser for a while now. It’s been recommended to me by friends and my dentist to invest in one. I have very sensitive gums and I find flossing to be bothersome and sometimes painful for me. A good floss can sometimes lead to my gums feeling sore and achy afterward. I still floss anyway because it makes my mouth and teeth feel more clean. I also wanted to get a water flosser because I plan to get braces soon and my dentist already told me that a having would be perfect and very helpful in my cleaning regimen. When I came across this oral irrigator I was excited to give it a try because I know it’s exactly what I’ve been needing.

  • Tera M. - Really good bags. Sizes are printed on each bag

    This is a big box full of space bags. I have always loved space bags for storing stuff.You can keep your linens or fabrics / pillows sealed clean from dust, and water and bugs, plus the stuff takes up less room. And they stack well after being deflated. And they come in bigger sizes than regular poly bags.

  • Roberta J. Davis - 409 carpet cleaner

    I have 2 dogs in my home and of course we have messes at times.I find this product to be the best!!!!! Some times it takes 2 times to spray the erea but it works...I will keep on buying 409 carpet cleaner I wish they had some thing I could use in my big car

  • Soultrap - Appears to work decently, difficult to test.

    The ultrasonic pest repeller is a difficult product to effectively test. I purchased approximately one week before writing this review and have had the product active since receiving it. I didn't have a bad problem with bugs, but live in the south-east and like to take preventative measures. The product does state that you may see an increase in bugs after initially using, and that they will disappear in the coming weeks as they move out of their hiding spots. We did see an increase in bugs after the first couple of days, and then they disappeared. I have noticed, however, that it does not appear to keep flying bugs from coming into the room completely (i.e. mosquito's and such) but it is difficult to determine if there would be more without the product. I received this product at a significant discount, however I am leaving an honest review based on my own experience with the product.