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  • AlphaDecember - OMG! NOMZ! A true Get out of work free card!

    As a married man with a 2-year old, I highly value my time on the crapper. The simple joy of making a #2 allows me temporary respite from the incessant questions posed to me: "Yes that's right, cows sometimes ARE brown."; "No, pingpong balls do not grow into pingpong trees"; "No, the bathtub is not full of 'poop dog water'"; "Yes, I know the sink is broken, no I can't fix it, I know nothing about plumbing"; "Yes, I KNOW your mom is coming to visit and our house is a dump."; and the list does on.

  • Donald Beitzel - Easy

    This product is easy to install. It comes assembled in the box! Not like a lot of other items that takes hrs to put together.

  • Kindle Customer - Avoid -- Screen Not Working Within 2 months after purchase

    Don't bother. Bought it mid January and two weeks after the return window to Amazon expired, the screen is displaying fragments of the numbers, i.e., the digital display is broken. Hasn't been dropped, submerged or damaged in any way. Apparently not good quality.