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  • Genni Villacorte - The earbuds have good quality audio

    The earbuds have good quality audio, and I use them when I'm commuting riding my bike. They 100% do not fall out like I thought they would!

  • Johann Erik Gonzalez - Works great with Windows 8 Pro

    Downloaded the installer for Antivirus 2013 to update my current active subscription and installed in my Windows 8 Pro laptop. Works great! I don't know why some reviewers have problems in Windows 8... perhaps the built in software was not disabled? Either that or there's an existing virus on the system preventing the antivirus to work properly.

  • Karlee marie - Very iffy

    Lets start with the speakers dont even go that loud, with no option to get better ones. Then the arms are just way too low. When I raise treadmill for incline im almost bending down to reach for arms to change speeds. Plus you can change speed/incline on screen, or on arm handles. They could have kept it simple taking one away, and putting the money into better quality. Who even needs the piece for your chest I dont even know where mine went. To me pointless, because you can measure heartrate with fingers so whats really the point of have two ways to do that, and two ways to change speed, and hight? Why not put the money into better quality or let people be able to at least swap out cheaper parts( like a tv, or louder speakers).Beside that. My first belt had got damaged, and after it says a year warranty they had told me if they felt like it they could drop me from the warranty because it was in my office which they key was hidden so nobody cqn use it. Not to mention not many people were even able to get near it. They did change the belt. But within 6 months of owning it, its already making creeking sounds. Def cheaply designed. Im only writing this with hopes Sole will change there atitudes, and step there game up, because the idea wasent bad. It just could have been budgeted very different.

  • Gong Lu - Disappointed

    I've been playing PES for years, I have all the discs since 2009, and this is the only one that disappoints me.

  • Brad - Unavoidable audio lag on PS4/XBONE

    I have been playing guitar on and off for 20 years. I never reached my full potential and I got this game because I wanted to get back into playing again and the game looked awesome.