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Country:, Europe, SK

City: 21.6848 Presovsky kraj, Slovak Republic

  • B S Sharp - Nice

    So far so good. I charged these both up, and have been using them for the last 5 hours, and they have lost very little power reserves. Hopefully these will last.. the so seem well made.

  • Nancy D - It is lightweight and easy to use

    I have been using the Libman Wonder mop for years. It is lightweight and easy to use. I'm 65 and in a wheelchair as an amputee. I also have rheumatoid arthritis. There are two things that are important for the user to know. You must soak a new mop head before using it's in the instructions but easy to overlook) and when not using the wringer you pull it up and give it a twist to lock it in place.

  • John Moster - Thank you Amazon for your reviews

    Our new CPA recommended that we start keeping our records in QuickBooks. The copy that I had was 2008 (I was not able to get it to work, but the CPA said she could help), but it was recommended that I get the 2011 version. I was quite surprised by the 3 star rating and even more surprised to find that there were almost as many 1 stars as 5 stars. So I decided to read the complaints by the 1 stars, and quickly changed my mind on using QuickBooks. I was extremely mad when Intuit required that I upgrade my 2008 Quicken to 2011 just to be able to down load financial transactions. This is also a popular complaint on QuickBooks. An Intuit employee tried to justify it as necessary for software testing. I have also been in software testing and product support, and basically that is a totally lame excuse. They can simply say that the older versions simply are not supported, but it is just a plain strong arm tactic to force upgrades when you turn off the feature. HP did something similar on their inkjet printers when they put date code electronics in their cartridges to force you to replace them on a regular basis even if they are still full of ink. I also do not buy HP printers.

  • Shells - Damn good

    I love love love this product. I will continue to purchase it. It takes a few months before u see results but it worked and has made my butt and hips slightly bigger, smoother. I do not even work out, I'm sure if I did the results would be greater. Overall I'm pleased.

  • James M. - Really nice substantial chair.

    Really nice substantial chair. I received them in 3 days and put them together the same day. Not quite as easy as it says since the instructions could be a little plainer. It took an hour to put the 1st of 4 together and a total of an hour for the last 3. If you get multiples the first one is learning and the rest a piece of cake. It may have been overkill, but on the 2nd day I put a coat of car wax on them. Just me. We got the blue, lovely color, and great addition to our back deck.