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  • R. Powers - Back to Windows

    Well I tried Quickbooks for Mac (after being a long term Quickbooks for Window user) when Intuit would no longer support payroll on Quickbooks 2007. After William Lynes suggested downloading a trial version of Quickbooks for Mac I did so. Conversion was smooth and I liked being on a Mac for Quickbooks AGAIN since I am a long time loyal Mac user (I only switched to the Windows version when Intuit stopped offering Quickbooks for the Mac) for a period of time. Alas, payroll was not going to be so easy and the cost was approximately double what Quickbooks 2011 with Enhanced Payroll cost - so, with only 2 employees, I'm back to the Windows version. Paying more for less makes little sense to me and paying to upgrade when I don't really need to or want to is even worse.

  • Dragon - I love these!

    These shoes are very comfortable and needed no break in time, I bought two more pairs! They are very light and have a great tread pattern!

  • Fran - A Tale of Two Brothers

    In the early 20th Century, circus popularity was in its heyday. Bounty hunters known as freak hunters scoured the country including the backwoods looking for "curiosities" to transform into side show attractions. In 1899, George and Willie Muse, 9 years and 6 years respectively were working from daylight to dusk removing bugs from tobacco leaves in Truevine,Virginia. The Muse family were sharecroppers on a tobacco farm in the Jim Crow South. Enter Candy Shelton, bounty hunter. George and Willie, black albino brothers living in poverty, were kidnapped and spent years as side show attractions.

  • Isaac T. Davis - Very informative /Well written

    This book does a great job of itemizing various illnesses and ailments, then addressing & advising holistic methods for dealing with the ailments.

  • Peter Vito - I love my Subaru Outback.

    I did alot of research and my number 1 criteria was safety. If you've never been in a serious accident, you can't fully appreciate SAFETY. Subaru is all about safety. I drove a yellow taxi in New York city when I was a young man. Now, in my 50s I wanted a car that would minimize any injury I might suffer in a collision but I also wanted something FAST and agile. I looked hard at the Volkswagon Golf R which is in the same price range as 6 cylinder Outback. The GOLF R is also REAL all-wheel drive and it handles better than the Outback but sometimes s*** happens and all the "handling" in the world isn't gonna stop and impact. I bought the Outback 3.6 Liter, inline 6 with all the options. The "Eyesight" is well worth the money and MAY have already saved me from a fender-bender or bumper tap. I love the ride and handling and while it's not as JAZZY as the GOLF R, I feel very satisfied in my choice, putting safety first. The Subaru commercials really "speak to me", . . . "LOVE" (my Subaru).

  • Edie Millen - It works

    The camphor in this product really helped to make me feel better. I had bronchitis and the day that I put on this product I could feel the tightness in my chest loosen up. When I was young and got bronchitis often, the first thing I would do is rub camphorated oil on my chest and I felt a lot better. I recommended this product to two other people already who had bronchitis.