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  • Pharmacology animations: mechanisms of action | CME at Pharmacology Corner - The biggest collection of animations (both Flash and 3-D) for pharmacology teaching and learning. New mechanisms of action are constantly added.
  • Are you a visual learner? You can learn psychopharmacology faster and more effectively, for free | CME at Pharmacology Corner - Healthcare professionals agree that psychopharmacology is a complex area: mechanisms of action, adverse effects, indications, and interactions are topics that
  • Pharmacology PowerPoints | CME at Pharmacology Corner - This collection of PowerPoint (PPT) presentations is a work in progress. It intends to grow day by day, contributions from readers is highly appreciated. This
  • About Pharmacology Corner | CME at Pharmacology Corner - Who is behind Pharmacology Corner? What does this site have to offer? This site is directed by Dr. Flavio Guzm├ín, a psychiatry resident who works as p
  • Get our free psychopharmacology lectures in your inbox | CME at Pharmacology Corner - Our videos will help you learn about mechanisms of action, indications and side effects of psychotropic medications. Physicians, pharmacists, nurses,
  • Inverse Agonists: An Illustrated Tutorial | CME at Pharmacology Corner - This illustrated tutorial defines inverse agonism, explains the main differences with partial agonists and antagonists, and lists common inverse agonists.
  • Therapeutic index | CME at Pharmacology Corner - Therapeutic index explained through graphs. List of narrow therapeutic index drugs
  • Alpha receptors | CME at Pharmacology Corner - Alpha adrenergic receptors location and effects highlighted in pharmacology charts.
  • Beta adrenergic receptors | CME at Pharmacology Corner - Beta adrenergic receptors location and effects highlighted in pharmacology charts. Activation of Beta receptors 1, 2 and 3 is also explored in this article.
  • Acetylcholine receptors: muscarinic and nicotinic | CME at Pharmacology Corner - Overview on acetylcholine receptors pharmacology: differences between muscarinic and nicotinic receptors, classification, location, acetylcholine receptors and ANS.
  • Autonomic pharmacology | CME at Pharmacology Corner - ANS pharmacology articles Alpha receptors - Alpha 1 receptors - Alpha 2 receptors - Drugs affecting alpha receptors Beta receptors - Structure a
  • Antipsychotics | CME at Pharmacology Corner - The articles below are available on our partner site: Psychopharmacology Institute Video presentations on antipsychotic agents These are short video lectures

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  • Barb Wilson - Finally healthy

    My husband and I were both the victims of prescription drugs that caused us harm. This book answered many questions, was clear and straight-forward, and easy to follow. It is written so that anybody can understand the reasons behind each supplement, where to find it, and how much to take for optimum health. I recommend this book to all my friends and have given copies of it to about 10 people. I wish all medical doctors were required to read it before graduating from medical school.

  • JandT - Unparalleled CGI effects overcome predicable characters and storyline

    2012's special effects effect on me (if you'll pardon my awkward phrasing) was like a diabetic falling into a vat of pancake syrup -- in other words, a major sugary high followed by a sense of intense overdose. This film elevates the art of CGI to a whole 'nother level. No longer will the viewer be satisfied seeing a single spaceship (or whatever) blow up while the rest of the screen is comparatively benign. From now on, the entire screen should be filled with absolutely captivating CGI action. I found my eyeballs pivoting right and left, up and down ... trying to capture the whole experience: buildings and bridges collapsing ... cars and trains cartwheeling through the air ... monumental!