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  • Bruce - Italy

    Frommers have the best travel books. Heading tiO Italy in September and researching with the book. Also love their radio show.

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    This Scosche unit is exceptional. There are two choices if u are adding an aftermarket stereo to your c5 camaro, this and a Metra. Both look noce but this u6mit just looks better. This unit adds a touch screen for operation of the air conditioning and programming of the unit.

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    All computers should come with this manual...it has such wonderful information. It has more information than any other computer book I have found and explains in easy to understand language.

  • Mandy McKinney - This one is better than the last brand I bought just a few weeks ago for my sister

    I ordered a selfie ring for my sister a few weeks ago, and liked it so much, I ordered another for my sister in law to go with her Christmas gift I'm putting together. Almost immediately after ordering the package was shipped which was nice because it only took a couple of days before I got the package. I opened it up and it being from a different company, it was a little different than the last one I ordered through Amazon. The last one I ordered has the same bar in the middle holding the two pieces that clamp together on it, but this one seems a lot more sturdy. It feels a lot more sturdy and durable than the other one as well. They both have 3 levels of intensity with the light, which is a great feature. Me being a photographer myself I loved that. But this one seemed to be a bit brighter which was really nice. This would be great for using the video on your phone as well as the still camera feature. The continuous light is removable so you can play with the lighting a bit which is always fun. This one I would recommend over the other brand I got because it does seem to be more durable, and brighter. Very nice product for sure.

  • Rhonda Neely - Turbo Tax

    The product is fine. The cost continues to go up every year for the same product. Harder to find at a reasonable price but they have customers stuck since they use it! Not happy about the cost.

  • Judy - I love the shake

    Amazon, I only gave a 4 star because I feel you charge too much for delivery. I love the shake, taste great and I have managed to lose a few pounds taking it but price is too high with your delivery charges.