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  • Miracle - ... for my five year olds birthday party and she loved them. I didn't quite get the changing the ...

    I bought these for my five year olds birthday party and she loved them. I didn't quite get the changing the lights from different speeds but I'm pretty sure she didn't care as long as they worked, which they did. Nice little surprise for her and would definitely purchase again for another birthday.

  • Brenda Watts - Great product!

    I just love it is the only think I can say. It is very versatile and easy for someone just starting!

  • J.B. - Problem for tall people

    I got mine from Bed ,Bath and Beyond, and got a $30 rebate coupon. I am 6'2" and was really ticked off to see the max setting is for 6'. Judging from the reviews, it seems most people also need to go higher than the recommended setting, so I had to set it up on blocks of wood. I have lower back pain and sciatica,and after 4 sessions I got a lot of relief. However, and maybe its due to something else, on the third day I am experiencing pain and stiffness around the kidney area. I haven't seen any one else report this, so maybe its unrelated.

  • Rick - GREAT knives - especially for the price!

    Look, just before these I went to Williams-Sonoma & bought a $400 set of Wuster (or however they spell it) knives. When I saw these, there were more included with the set & for a fraction of a fraction of the price! $29??? Are you kidding me? (or was it $39) Who cares!!!! I bought these right away. It's been 6+ months now & they are GREAT! Anyone shooting these down are nothing more than some kitchen utensil snobs who have nothing better to do with their money. I don't need $400 knives. If I buy these & they only last me 2-3 years... I STILL can't go wrong for the quality & price!