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  • “Adrenaline Dominance” – Book | Platt Wellness - This book explores the underlying cause of many conditions felt to be incurable. It explains why some people are releasing adrenaline throughout the day and
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  • Steven - This is an awesome bike. The parts are confusing to put on

    This is an awesome bike. The parts are confusing to put on, so I took it to my local bike shop to assemble it for me for about 30 bucks. The gear shifting is smooth and the pedaling is smooth. I've ridden probably about 100 miles with this and it looks to hold up pretty well. I would recommend attaching a kick stand though.

  • Viollete - Great for the price

    I love this camcorder, for the price it is easily the best camcorder I have had. It is simple to use, not many functions built in but thats what I use my editing software for, I don't really need anything on the camcorder itself, I just want to point and record. I have to say that I am also quite impressed with the Still pictures it takes too, they don't rival a dedicated camera or SLR but they are the best quality again that I have had.Well worth the money!

  • Vanathi Senthilkumar - ... version has a lot of mistakes which makes it useless while doing the tests

    The Kindle version has a lot of mistakes which makes it useless while doing the tests. Even the numbering of the questions is random and does not match the numbering in the answer key.

  • M.Hamdeh - AMAZING product

    Ok so I tried EVERYTHING on the market and this is the best root lifter by far. Little goes a long way. I have waist length, layered, medium textured, European hair...if I don't use any product it's just too healthy and too flat. So to play things up a bit, I spray it at the root area and I just comb it through with my fingers. I don't want that stuff on the ends of my hair b/c it makes it puffy. Instead, I use biosilk or got 2b "smooth operator" lotion at the ends. Then I blow dry it until it's about 50-60% dry then I use a brush to brush it in the opposite direction and it reallllly makes a HUGE difference. Wha bam! It's ready to be styled or just leave it as is. Sally H. really makes amazing products, I'm a HUGE fan. Also check out my review for: 

  • jwerner - Pretty cute idea

    Pretty cute idea. I could see giving this to someone as a gag gift. Or even to someone who is obsessed with bubble wrap. Very Fun!