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  • Paul G - Perfect size for two Tweens, super bouncy

    After reading other reviews we had no issues assembling this trampoline. Our kids love it and use it regularly. It has been assembled for about 6 months and is showing no signs of wear. It is very bouncy. I am 250 lbs and have no issues using it either. Sometimes I will jump with my kids and its fun for the whole family. Highly recommended!

  • Edfirn - Seafoam is great for all your 2 and 4 cycle engines.

    Seafoam is great for all your 2 and 4 cycle engines. IF YOU HAVE NOT USED YOUR EQUIPMENT AND LEFT GAS IN (Which is a No No) use a 50/50 mix of fuel and seafoam and if there is a primer bulb give it a couple of pumps and leave it sit for 24hrs. Then go to start the equipment. By sitting in the carb for 24 hrs it will breakdown and clean the ports and jets and most of the time if it starts and gets running it will clean out the remaining fuel system.

  • Amazon Customer - Decent floor cleaner

    This floor cleaner leaves the floor nice and clean but sometimes leaves too much water behind which can lead to streaks. I've tried it on my sofa and my cabinets (the smaller attachment) as well as on my scrubbable flat painted walls. It seemed to work well on all surfaces but again leaves things wetter than I think is optimal. Fairly good value in the open box section but at full price I would be disapointed.

  • M. D. Moore - Fresh carbonation is the best carbonation

    This has encouraged me to drink more water. I don't really use this to create soft drinks. I have tried some of additives. I really like the grapefruit, and the sugarless drops that give various citrus tastes. However, I purchased this because I've found that just a spot of carbonation "spices" up the water so I drink more water-- the most healthy drink.

  • Mai Eve - No more dark circle in your eyes.

    I received this product 17 days ago and have been since it daily. I come from a family in which puffy eyes and dark eye area are common. This has made me seek for products that can help me with fight this. When I read the products description I decided to give it a shot. I purchased this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. After 17 days of using this eye gel I can comment that it is a clear gel that goes on greaseless. It is quite thick and a little bit goes a long way. I have seen less puffiness and dark areas around my eyes and a demish in the age lines around my eyes. It also gives you a nice smooth skin. You actually feel lighter. I recommend the product for those that are looking for a great eye gel.

  • Kay Sewell - I tried it & liked it until it changed in Mexico.

    I have been useing the original (gold caps, made in GA). System 3 for thining hair.. I saw a remarkable change. My hair was no longer falling out, and I actually saw new groth at temples. Then came "made in Mexico"..... I cannot find the original anywhere. After a month of "new" product, hair is falling out again!