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  • Searcher - Not user friendly

    I downloaded the trial version yesterday evening and spent 3 hours just trying to erect the four walls of a rectangular warehouse from scratch (not using one of the warehouse templates, which seemed even more confusing to me since they were the wrong dimensions, contained a lot of unnecessary things, etc.). The help area had no information for me regarding whether the software allowed a user to initially (and simply) indicate the length and width of a rectangular room, without having to laboriously construct each of the 4 walls, which never could be brought to the right length, despite hours of manipulation. I also wanted to include the support poles in the design that appear every 19 feet throughout the space. There was no graphic for this in the included library. No doubt the software probably works as claimed, but due to the frustration I experienced, it appears that one needs extensive training before becoming an expert user. I gave up and deleted the trial copy.

  • Ryan - Buy from Barnes and Noble, cheaper kindling

    I used the look inside function to read a few pages. 5 minutes of my life I'll never get back. If you're going to buy this to use as kindling for a fire, it's much cheaper at Barnes and Noble.

  • Kira - This product is absolutely amazing. February 2016 will be a year I have ...

    This product is absolutely amazing. February 2016 will be a year I have been using this product and I have seen major improvment in my skin as well as others. I would say to at least give it a try and know that consistency is key. I no longer break out badly like I use to and I give my sincere thanks to AnceFree!!! :)

  • Kermit E. Barker - My tablet is now better than Mose's

    My subscription lapsed after nearly 50 years as a subscriber, and I picked up the tablet service as an extra. I wanted the tablet service with my renewal since I am on an extended trip abroad. I was able to read on the archive all the back issues I missed. Totally terrific technological advance. The only complaint I have is that the New Yorker page will not orient itself in all directions.

  • mhansen - This is great, until you want to tilt back the toddler ...

    This is great, until you want to tilt back the toddler seat when it is facing forward, at which point you have to remove the parent organizer to do so. Very annoying!