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  • Misstree - I put a few drops in my oil diffuser and it quickly filled the room with its wonderful scent, and myself

    I was very pleasantly surprised by this scent, I somewhat expected it to be a little too sweetly floral, but its alittle more on the musky side but definitely lavender. I put a few drops in my oil diffuser and it quickly filled the room with its wonderful scent, and myself. I met up with a friend later in the day and she remarked I smelled good, the only scent Id been near was the diffuser. I deducted a star just because I feel the title is misleading, its not a pure essential oil, it has added fragrance, so I wouldnt really use it for bath or body but its wonderful for aromatherapy uses. I received this item at a discounted price.

  • nichele crawley - AMAZING!!!!

    I think this is the first time I actually wrote a review. I was extremely skeptical but purchased this anyway. I tested it on my hand without covering it and nothing happened. The next day I put it on then covered in saran wrap and tested it and barely felt anything. I dabbed it on my back and covered it for 1.5 hours then took it off. My appointment started late but I literally had to ask her if she had begun because I felt NOTHING. It lasted for about a half hour into it due to us staring late. Don't apply more than an hour before you start. After it wore off, I was in pain. I will definitely purchase again. Well worth it.

  • Jean - Nice to have item

    This product works just like it says. It's a "nice to have" but I wouldn't say it's a "must have". It would make a nice little add on for a nail care gift basket or for someone that has everything and is hard to shop for. I use it more for when I'm painting my toes. It's just as easy (or easier) to set the bottle on the table when painting my fingers. What I do love about this product is the customer service provided by the company. They sent an email providing extra tips and tricks and seem very available to help if you needed to talk to them. The product itself is a little awkward to wear at first and depending on the bottle, could get "heavy" but, I tried several different shaped bottles to see how they fit and none fell out and all felt secure.

  • Deborah - Disappointed

    I was hoping this would work! I have naturally curly fine hair. My hair is not thin, just each strand is fine. I bought the lavender, because this is what is recommended for my hair type. My hair looks dull and dry. I was worried it was going to be greasy, but it is just the opposite. I have to use a leave in conditioner after using Wen, because my hair has no shine. I tried leaving a pump of Wen in, but still doesn't leave my hair shinny. I went back to using Enjoy products again, because they have such good moisture. I will use Wen until it is gone, but not all the time. Very disappointed!