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  • Matthew Frires - ... you in the right direction but there is a good chunk that is just WRONG

    The information points you in the right direction but there is a good chunk that is just WRONG. Check the pyrimidines and purines.. this guide gets them completely backwards. Best bet to go with ATI sanctioned study guide

  • Julia Brown - Run Don't Walk to order or pick one up!

    First off, we have had issues getting high speed internet service to our home for years (we live in the country) and switched back and forth trying to find an internet provider that worked. We finally received stable service at about 25 Mbps +. We consistently received the 25 when wired connection but WiFi was a different story. We are overloaded with devices: 3 desktop computers, 3 laptops, 4 smartphones, 3 game systems, you get the idea! Speeds when connected on WiFi would range from 10-15 Mbs to less than 1 and would buffer and stall depending on your location in the house. Everyone in my family was frustrated, I tried fancy routers, extenders, Powerline adapters with limited success.

  • Pete Man - The 2012 All Starrs

    When I heard about the line up for Ringo's 2012 All Starr band I was very excited that some of my most favorite musicians were in the band... Namely Todd, Luke, and Joe. Unfortunately the tour did not venture anyplace close enough for us to get to the show, so I was absolutely thrilled when I found my way to this DVD. I've only watched it once so far, but I enjoyed it so much that I really can't wait to watch it again. The entire band was made up of front men, all heavyweights. You could tell that they all loved the experience of playing together very much, and that they all loved and respected each other as artists. I can only imagine what a thrill it must have been to be a member of the band. A thrill that was definitely shared by all in attendance and even those who were not in attendance who could only watch it on DVD... I love a good concert video, and this one is a new favorite for me. The song selections were excellent, most of which are very likely to be the best "live" renditions that you will ever see or hear. I sure hope that Ringo keeps doing this every summer.

  • J. Sierra - Excellent !!!

    It should not be your only book, or your main basis, but as far as I'm concerned, more than 70 % of the Step 1 came in this wonderful book!!!