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  • http://portalpe10.com.br/noticias/13271/coroneis-tentaram-calar-a-boca-do-padre-de-tamandare-sobre-violencia-no-municipio Coronéis tentaram 'calar a boca' do padre de Tamandaré sobre violência no município - A denúncia foi feita na Assembleia Legislativa pelo deputado Álvaro Porto (PSD)
  • http://portalpe10.com.br/noticias/13273/stf-admite-corte-de-salario-de-servidores-em-greve STF admite corte de salário de servidores em greve - Com a decisão, a regra passa a ser o corte imediato do salário, assim como na iniciativa privada.
  • http://portalpe10.com.br/noticias/13282/paulista-exalta-vitoria-do-sport-gigantesca Paulista exalta vitória do Sport: "Gigantesca" - Daniel Paulista preferiu exaltar as dificuldades impostas pela Ponte Preta, durante os 90 minutos, na Ilha
  • http://portalpe10.com.br/noticias/13281/video-policia-prende-mulher-suspeita-de-esquartejamento-em-al (Vídeo) Polícia prende mulher suspeita de esquartejamento em AL - Thaíse Nascimento Duarte tentava fugir para Pernambuco junto com um comparsa, que também foi preso.
  • http://portalpe10.com.br/noticias/13277/plantao-do-enem-2016-tira-duvidas-dos-feras Plantão do Enem 2016 tira dúvidas dos feras - MEC disponibiliza telefone para os candidatos que necessitam de informações. Serviço funcionará até no final de semana.
  • http://portalpe10.com.br/noticias/13260/estudantes-prestam-homenagem-a-jovem-morta-por-pm-em-sao-jose Estudantes prestam homenagem a jovem morta por PM em São José - Após o crime, equipes da polícia estiveram no local ouvindo seguranças e convidados do evento, colhendo
  • http://portalpe10.com.br/noticias/13276/neymar-recorre-de-processo-da-receita-por-divida-e-espera-julgamento Neymar recorre de processo da Receita por dívida e espera julgamento - O atleta e a família são acusados de não ao fisco R$ 63,3 milhões de impostos entre 2011 e 2013.
  • http://portalpe10.com.br/noticias/13217/gua-preta-podera-ter-nova-eleicao-para-prefeito-decisao-sera-do-tse Água Preta poderá ter nova eleição para prefeito; decisão será do TSE - Eduardo Coutinho, que já foi prefeito de Água Preta,, teve as contas públicas de 200
  • http://portalpe10.com.br/noticias/13178/para-humberto-pec-241-e-retrocesso-na-educacao Para Humberto, PEC 241 é retrocesso na educação - Segundo o senador Humberto Costa, o congelamento de gastos trará prejuízos para uma geração inteira.
  • http://portalpe10.com.br/noticias/13175/geraldo-julio-tem-54-joao-paulo-33-diz-pesquisa-ibope Geraldo Julio tem 54%; João Paulo, 33%, diz pesquisa Ibope - Quando computados apenas os votos válidos, o socialista vai a 62%, contra 38% do petistas. Levantamento foi encomendado

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  • Amanda K. - Timbuk2 xs

    I have been researching this bag for weeks and finally bit the bullet and ordered it.....I do not regret my choice one bit. As with many reviews I do wish it had a grab strap on top but I can't beat the price.....

  • Anne Brown - Save $$, Go To A Drugstore

    I ordered this product with an interest in giving it a try. I'm 68, not all that wrinkled, but I want to be as pro-active about my appearance as possible. I was brought up to use moisturizers as a "beauty secret", so I have experience with them. This product is nothing special. You can get the same thing from Olay's line of products for a more reasonable price. Dr. Perricone's products and his advice are expensive but excellent. In fact, you can get wonderful results with substantial skin softening by applying fruit directly to your skin (it's messier than a processed cream). Life Cell Cream is a nice enough moisturizer, but others work as well for less money. What you get with Life Cell Cream is a medium-smallish tube for $189. I used part of it, canceled further shipments and sent about half the tube back. As I was outside of their trial period, they insisted on charging me anyway; a high price to pay for part of a trial offer. Beware.

  • Barbara Baker - Our daughter is a personal trainer and recommended it because of her own positive results and that ...

    My husband is 74, I'm 65. We both started Amino-BCAA 3 months ago. Our daughter is a personal trainer and recommended it because of her own positive results and that of her clients. My husband says he feels more muscle tone and is not as tired. I also feel better with less arthritis aches and pains reduced. I would buy this produce again but don't care for the blue flavor. I'll try something citrus next time.

  • Chris K - OK, it's cheesy, but I really liked it anyway!

    This movie has some cliches, and at times the CGI is a bit excessive, but it's *so much fun* to watch. The first time I saw it was in a movie theater, and it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I've watched it several times since then and still decided to go ahead and buy it from Amazon. I love a good apocalypse movie. I get why the movie has critics...this is not the kind of movie that inspires deep thoughts, and parts of it are truly cheesy. But there's adventure, there's complicated love, and plenty of drama.

  • Marilyn Sanchez-Osorio - Terrible reception! Not worth the money.

    This antenna is cute, but does not do a good job of receiving the radio frequencies and, therefore, the music comes in full of noise and has bad reception. Too bad, the size and looks are perfect, but what is a radio antenna that does not have good reception worth? Zero!

  • D. NIXSON - Milady Standard Cosmetology 2012

    I LOVE my new book!!! I am currently a Cosmo Student and we are using the 2008 edition of the book. I decided to purchase this one on my own because it keeps up with the trends and has more information and technique than the other version. The pictures are beautiful and colorful.