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  • Patrick Seifert - Easy setup. I like that it has access to ...

    Easy setup. I like that it has access to all of the Google Play apps, but because the apps are designed for phones and pads,not all of the functions work properly on all of the apps like page up or down. I like the air mouse but find myself toggling between the up/down arrows and the mouse because you can only use one or the other. I wish bluetooth capabilities were available so i could use a keyboard. Having Kodi preloaded is a plus. Even though the T95N needs some work it will do everything I purchased it for.

  • Lisa - This product is great! I had my hesitation because I've tried other ...

    This product is great! I had my hesitation because I've tried other products with no success, but this works perfectly!

  • John-David - I have a 1996 Ford F250 with 7. 5L ...

    I have a 1996 Ford F250 with 7.5L V8. It developed a small oil leak, nothing to worry about, but the stains on my driveway. I put this stuff in my crankcase, and after about 75 miles or so over a few days, the leak is gone. Nada. Scotty Kilmer on YouTube pitched this stuff, and it seems to work.

  • CA resident - Works for a senior

    It works in 3 weeks. I almost lost all my eyelashes, and now I have something to put mascara on! Although it's not as "stand out" as having fake lashes, it's mine & looks very natural!

  • Long Time Amazon Customer in Colorado - Great episode. Boo on Hulu/WB pulling so I had to buy this.

    Great opening episode and fidelity was top notch. I am just mad that I had to pay for this. My DVR had shut off so this did not record and they seemed to pull Flash from Hulu!!

  • ChaCha - Great for Twins in small condos!

    Even 1 high chair in the dining is often annoying, so I was convinced to use these with my twins. Latches easily to counter. Fabric is very sturdy, but textured, so it will grab food. I find that even if it has been dirty for a while, a wet terry cloth rag (towel) or other textured rag does a pretty good job. I give it a firm scrub and usually get both done in 5 minutes. Not as easy to wipe as a plasticy thing, but worth it to me to avoid clutter. Also wonderful for taking babies to grandma’s house as they are small and light.