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  • jordan thompson - Terrible terrible button placement, other than that I like the Edge 820 a lot!

    Id like to be able to give 5 stars, and in the future I may come back and do that but certainly not yet. This thing has a rather glaring design flaw in the placement of the start and lap buttons. They are on the bottom of the unit... so if you use a K-Edge garmin mount... they are virtually inaccessible for you to press... its rather absurd. Luckily my edge 810 required the K edge XL mount so I can remedy this problem but with out that its nearly impossible to press the buttons. I have no idea what they were thinking with the button placement...

  • PrimingBySue - Lasts for ages - our kid will be in it until age 5 at this rate

    We purchased this seat when our 12month old outgrew his first car seat so I cannot comment on the infant adaptor or use for a small infant. I went with this because I lived for 6 years in Germany and Maxi Cosi is THE brand there for car seats and safety features. I must say, we have since had him in other car seats and this is by far the most comfy and practical, albeit somewhat bulky. We had it rear facing at first and it was really easy to install both ways. The cupholder is a plus since he likes to drink and snack in the car. The headrest with side pads is height adjustable with a quick click lever behind that allows you to set it higher or lower, and 'grows' with him. It is easy to tighten the straps by pulling the strap at the front, though releasing is a little more tedious (the release latch is underneath the cover and you have to fiddle a little to push it down properly at the front of the seat). What could be better: He has had one or two 'major incidents' (puke or other things) all over and it was quite an act to take the cover off for a thorough wash though I do have to say that it is still a lot simpler than the more straightforward looking infant seat we have which is a feat. The Walnut brown is a nice color, though does show liquid stains a little and as mentioned is not the easiest to launder. The nooks and crannies in the plastic base are also difficult to clean out. However, wiping down small spills is easy. Also, the tipping or reclining feature really does not make much of a difference in terms of angle - it only adjust a little once fitted properly and securely. Overall my little guy loves the seat though (and that is an achievement - since he hates being restrained, period.) It is very comfy but quite bulky - if you had two of these in a normal sedan there is no way a person would fit in between. We have it in our Prius 2007 and it fits just fine with enough room all around. Would buy again in a heartbeat - even at this price point.

  • Amazon Customer - Family Dance Time!

    Kids love it! And it is quite a workout for the adults. It would be better if you could play multiple profiles at once or build up to free songs more quickly.

  • dalepres - Has some great features, but...

    I bought this for my wife but she's not thrilled with it. It's a little heavy - perhaps twice the weight or more of the Voyager 520s she has used for years. It doesn't have the in-the-ear fitting, it's more up-to-the-ear. I think that will just take some getting used to.

  • Amazon Customer - Not impressed

    I got this from Amazon for 50.00 with a coupon code. I was impressed by the reviews, and thought it would be a good replacement for another dashcam that I had. As the other reviewers have stated, the manual gives no information as to what the features do. I went to the website, and they have downloadable manuals, but they are the exact same as the crappy one that comes in the box. The camera has a "Car DV Player" program in it's memory for download and installation on your computer. It only runs the video for a couple of seconds, freezes and that is it. Fortunately you can view the videos in a standard player such as Windows Media or VLC. The camera has a GPS function which I enabled, and it shows on the screen that it is receiving a signal, but it is not registering any speed on the display, nor does any GPS information appear in the "Car DV player program". Video quality is better than most cheap dashcams, but overall this one is disappointing.

  • Pete X - Great streaming unit

    Great streaming device and I'm sure that it will be better as I learn to use it and add different sources for streaming media. While it is not completely plug and play, a little homework will have its rewards. I have told several friends and coworkers and I'm sure that they will be getting this box soon. I have 2 Rokus, and with this, cutting off cable and satellite companies should be easier. As for me,it has been 3 years that I stopped my directv service. The money that I have saved is quite alot, let's say at least 4K. Look at utube videos and support videos and its not hard to get this unit into full gear. For many people, one month's cable bill will buy this unit. Try it, you just might be tempted to cut off your overpriced tv service.

  • LtMajorBones - Great office monitors

    These displays work like a charm. There is no noticeable pixelation or ghosting during low to mid-action gameplay and the color saturation on these panels is quite nice for the price bracket they exist in.