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  • Melissa Murphy - BUYER BEWARE! Avoid this product if you have sensitive skin

    BUYER BEWARE! I have sensitive skin and was looking for moisturizers with good customer ratings and purchased this one. A few days into using, my skin became red, irritated and itchy. 5 months later, my skin is still not back to normal. I have had to get prescription steroids from my doctor to get my face back under control. The burning, stinging reaction happens almost immediately. If you have sensitive skin, do not buy this.

  • Athens Mahrt - these hell bears totally lived up to the name gave ...

    these hell bears totally lived up to the name gave them to one of my classmates he spent the whole day in the bathroom.... we all laughed

  • Rence - Great look on a budget!

    I was very hapy with the results of this product. The DVD instructions were very helpful. The key is in the prep work. The instructions tell you to steel wool the couter before priming, but I would recommend sanding with 180 or 220 grit sand paper for better adhesion. It seems to be pretty durable but anything that you paint on will not be as durable as the original surface. One kit will probably cover 2/3 of what the package tells you.