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  • M. Cotto - This Item is a useless piece of electronic

    I hardly ever write a review but I must write about this item to warn anyone who is planning to purchase. DON'T. OMG. This item is so not worth any amount of money. We purchased one a week ago and are in the process of returning it. The screen looks like an etch a sketch. It is very heavy, You have to poke it to make it work instead of just a soft touch. The camera quality is like worse that my first camera phone. I cannot believe this item is allowed on the market. The instruction booklet does not give much detail about operating it. If I had a toddler that like playing with electronic toys I would give it to him or her. Don't waste your money, save it and buy an IPAD.

  • Martin - Arrived on time and in good condition. This book was not only informative

    Arrived on time and in good condition. This book was not only informative, but very insightful too. Having read John Robison beforehand, this was still insightful, and I am looking forward to reading the second volume.

  • Gadsdan - or the one recommend which usually includes a mouse and keyboard for rather ...

    Most people probably take their keyboard for granted. They use the one that came with their computer, or the one recommend which usually includes a mouse and keyboard for rather cheap. It is a basic item that everyone using a computer needs, but many don’t put much thought in to.

  • M. Alonso - Haven't found anything better

    I first picked up this valve oil 14 years ago when I bought a Selmer Bach student trumpet and was looking for an odorless replacement to the oil that came with the instrument. I've never had a problem with it and it's always kept the valves in my horns moving freely. It's been with me through concert, marching, and jazz bands and it's never been affected by humidity/moisture or lack thereof. I've tried Blue Juice and walked away disappointed with the results, so I'll be staying with ol' faithful here, even if the price has gone up a buck or so since I first bought it.

  • Emily Collins - Loud farts

    I purchased these bad boys hoping that what others described would happen. I think a good poop is life changing. Anyways, I was disappointed when I ate first about 15, then about 30, then about the whole bag and didn't have quite the same reaction. I didn't have to poop, my insides didn't fall out, I wasn't stuck on the toilet in agony. What did happen, however, is I did fart louder than I ever thought possible every minute, on the minute, for a good 12 hours. I woke up 30-40 times throughout the night because I thought one of my roommates was being murdered because it sounded like a machine gun was firing nearby. It was to my surprise when I realized that sound was coming from under my comforter and that the machine gun was, in fact, my own butt. If you're really into feeling uncomfortably bloated and having awful noises escape your butt all night and all day throughout work then buy, if not, don't. I actually had to take a real laxative to finally get these bears to make an escape.