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  • BetaLyrae - If you like the "dandruff-look" and smell of cheap deodorant.....

    This product is extremely disappointing due to small lumps throughout the cream, almost bead-like (as in exfoliating creams), which when applied to your hair look like dandruff flakes. It also has a very obnoxious odor, like cheap deodorant, which will overpower any cologne. Just terrible, not even worth $6.75, I tossed it!

  • Toni G - The texture is not my favorite to brush on

    I have been using this product just over a week, and so far, my teeth are definitely whiter! The texture is not my favorite to brush on, and its a little tough to get it all off (I kept finding black on my teeth for a while after) It does suggest to brush with toothpaste afterward, and I would suggest that as well. Rinsing doesn't get all the charcoal off.

  • T. Serrano - Second purchase of these tablets

    This is my second time purchasing these tablets (25 lb bucket last time). They work very well, requiring fewer replacements than other tablets I've purchased before from Home Depot. I like that these tablets are individual packaged, although it seems this entire bucket is filled with unsealed packages. I'm hoping this fact doesn't change the quality or life of the tablets because I'll be using them all summer and into the fall. I would rate these 5 stars if it wasn't for the fact that the individual packages are unsealed.

  • Mom of four - going back to Norton

    bought this software at discount price on the advice of a friend that Norton was bad software and I believed him. All Access is no access as it doesn't work. Tried two times on there wonderful chat line to get the software to work. The first person actually took control of my computer and went through all these steps only to tell me I was going to have to uninstall it and reinstall it. Then step two, I had to use a removal software which I downloaded off the internet. Then I had to download the software and reinstall on my computer. That didn't work so I went back to the chat line and all that tech could tell me was my internet connection was too slow. Well if it was too slow how was I able to download it in the first place? I have never had this problem with Norton. In fact, I one time did have a problem with the internet and Norton sent me a disk free of charge. I am out 60 bucks and I'm done with McAfee.

  • Searcher - Not user friendly

    I downloaded the trial version yesterday evening and spent 3 hours just trying to erect the four walls of a rectangular warehouse from scratch (not using one of the warehouse templates, which seemed even more confusing to me since they were the wrong dimensions, contained a lot of unnecessary things, etc.). The help area had no information for me regarding whether the software allowed a user to initially (and simply) indicate the length and width of a rectangular room, without having to laboriously construct each of the 4 walls, which never could be brought to the right length, despite hours of manipulation. I also wanted to include the support poles in the design that appear every 19 feet throughout the space. There was no graphic for this in the included library. No doubt the software probably works as claimed, but due to the frustration I experienced, it appears that one needs extensive training before becoming an expert user. I gave up and deleted the trial copy.

  • Jacob - The fit in the shark nose isn't exact and you ...

    The fit in the shark nose isn't exact and you will have to relocate the temp sensor behind the grill which isn't hard but it definitely changes up the look. Solid buy for the price.

  • DEEPAK DARYANANI - Asics is a good brand.

    Fits well & very comfortable. I got it cheaper than the Asics store. I got it for my flat feet. Hope it works.