HOW I CURED BACTERIAL PROSTATITIS - Prostatitis victim's story on finding a cure and long standing relief from bacterial and secondary hypogonadism.

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  • K. E. Parmelee - Good for the Money Depending on Your Needs

    Got mine last week from Amazon. It took some adjustment to the idea of no installed software only web stuff. I keep wanting to install virus/spyware, but it apparently is not needed. I like Firefox a lot, but are limited to Chrome. I like it, and for $250 it is a deal. If you live on the on the web, it is almost perfect. If you are hip-deep with Google,it is your device. Bluetooth mouse is handy. Battery life is decent, and while I have read negative things about the screen, seems OK to me. I have no idea what is under the hood. I've been using Belarc for years to find details about my computer, but you can't install software aside for the apps via Chome. It is already soldout for this salvo, so many find it a steal. Buy one and enjoy no heat, no fan, little weight --


    This format is not functional on an ipad or Kindle. The print book is 8 1/2 x 11 with small print. At most you can see 1/4 of a page at one time. Page size can't be changed and could not be viewed on my PC. My expert suggestion is to stay with a print book or use a PDF formatted e-book on your PC.

  • pepper - Works great! Bee liable and accurate with correct use/contact so far... Forehead mode took some getting used to but its great!!

    So far it seems to work well! Seems to be accurate and is easy to use... Read the directions for what the normal temp should be for ear vs oral vs forehead... I particularly love the forehead mode. You have to practice a few times to get the best contact for it to be reliable and accurate but it didn't take long to figure out just how to do it.

  • Hisholiness - didn't read the fine print

    You cannot use this edition if you already have the deluxe. It will not import your data and by that I simply mean your basic check book data, that includes spending and income. I wasn't looking to import anything else but it refused and informed that my data that I have had for 15 will be erased. I think that is pretty bogus. FYI, if you buy a digital download, you cannot return it, even if it is less than 10 minutes. I wish there was a way they could revoke my liscense and simply let me upgrade

  • Randy E. Wilson - Great toy for educating your child!

    I wanted to find the perfect toy for teaching my child at an early age about the dangers of travel and terrorism, but never could find the perfect way. Sure, there was Barbie's Dream Hijacking play set, but my son was reluctant to play with a doll, even if it involved a pat down. Then I saw the reviews on this and was amazed. The best part is that the scanner is one of the modern ones so not only did my son reach the level of paranoia he needs to survive, but he is learning about anatomy as well. Who knew that those little figures were anatomically correct underneath that plastic? I cannot wait to get him the Playmobil Aggressive Interrogation expansion set slated for next year!

  • Judy K - Fun but not like old games

    Had a game that was more fun but is not made for today's computer. This is ok but don't use like the old one.

  • Atd1220 - Must read!

    Fantastic, informative and helpful book. It is full of hope & encouragement that there is truly life after cancer. I bought copies for my entire family for Christmas!