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  • http://purenaturecures.com/about-us/ about us - About us - Galina St George, Natural Health Practitioner working at London Natural Health Clinic. Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Sport Massage, Cupping, magnesium for health,
  • http://purenaturecures.com/treatments/ therapies - Therapies - aromatherapy, sports massage, reflexology, cupping therapy, hots tone therapy, magnesium massage, mini facelift, detox wrap, weight loss
  • http://purenaturecures.com/aromatherapy/ Aromatherapy massage - Aromatherapy massage for deep relaxation, improved immunity, increased circulation, rebalancing of emotions, relief from aches, pains, better sleep
  • http://purenaturecures.com/hot-stone-therapy/ Hot Stone Therapy - Hot Stone Therapy is a luxurious treatment which involves laying hots tones on the body and using them for massage to deal with deep-seated issues.
  • http://purenaturecures.com/sports-massage/ Sports massage - Sports massage is a great way to address a specific problem - such as tension in the calf muscles from running, back problems, frozen shoulder etc.
  • http://purenaturecures.com/cupping-therapy/ Cupping therapy - Cupping therapy involves using hollow devices to create suction and stimulate circulation. It helps with joint pain, respiratory problems & more.
  • http://purenaturecures.com/reflexology/ Reflexology - Reflexology involves applying pressure on precise areas of the feet, ears or hands these points relate to in order to promote healing and relaxation.
  • http://purenaturecures.com/indian-head-massage/ Indian Head Massage - Indian Head Massage aims to help a person to relax, providing relief from aches, joint pain, muscle tension, headaches, stress, anxiety, fatigue.
  • http://purenaturecures.com/mini-facelift/ Mini facelift - Mini Facelift is a non-surgical treatment providing temporary reduction in wrinkles and fine lines by boosting circulation and tightening the skin.
  • http://purenaturecures.com/mineral-therapies/ Mineral therapies - Mineral therapies are a range of treatments which involves muds, salts and clays to promote health, relieve toxicity, aches, pain, deal with stress.
  • http://purenaturecures.com/fir-magnesium-pain-health-management-wrap/ FIR Magnesium Pain & Health Management Wrap - FIR Magnesium Pain & Health Management Wrap offers a fast acting, very effective natural solution to aches, pains, fatigue, poor circulation, stress.
  • http://purenaturecures.com/fir-clay-detox-wrap/ FIRM Clay detox wrap - FIR Clay detox wrap is part of the Far Infrared Mineral (FIRM) Wraps treatment range which combine healing powers of clays and far infrared heat
  • http://purenaturecures.com/fir-remineralising-rejuvenating-seaweed-wrap/ FIR Remineralising & Rejuvenating Seaweed Wrap - FIR Remineralising & Rejuvenating Seaweed Wrap promotes rejuvenation by delivering essential minerals which boost cellular activity in the body.
  • http://purenaturecures.com/fir-mineral-weight-loss-wrap/ FIR Mineral Weight Loss Wrap - FIR Mineral Weight Loss wrap aims to address weight loss holistically, providing the body with energy to boost metabolic activity and detoxification.
  • http://purenaturecures.com/magnesium-oil-massage/ Magnesium oil massage - Magnesium oil massage is based on the wonderful healing properties of magnesium oil. It allows magnesium get into the blood stream through the skin.
  • http://purenaturecures.com/hot-stone-stress-busting-mineral-therapy/ Hot Stone Stress-Busting Mineral Therapy - Hot Stone Stress-Busting Mineral Therapy is performed using hots stones and mineral products to help deal with stress, muscle aches, health problems.
  • http://purenaturecures.com/rejuvenating-mineral-facial/ Rejuvenating mineral facial - Rejuvenating Mineral Facial improves skin texture, promotes circulation, tone and glow. It cleanses, stimulates, moisturises dull agening skin,
  • http://purenaturecures.com/nutrition-coaching/ Nutrition Coaching with Pure Nature Cures - Create Your New Life! - Nutrition coaching program run by Pure Nature Cures promotes good health, healthy weight and mental agility through correct nutrition and exercise.
  • http://purenaturecures.com/consultations/ Consultations - We offer consultations on the following subjects: General Health & Nutrition coaching, Life coaching, Stress management. Most of all - we listen.
  • http://purenaturecures.com/life-coaching/ Life coaching - Life coaching is a proactive way to get what you want in your life. A coach is your friend who is there to help you get to your destination in life.
  • http://purenaturecures.com/stress-management/ Stress management - Stress management involves effectively maximising our emotional ability to cope and adapt to events and situations perceived to be out of our control.
  • http://purenaturecures.com/prices/ Pure Nature Cures - prices - Pure Nature Cures - prices for treatments, consultations and coaching sessions. We are in Central London, UK. Special discounts on block bookings.
  • http://purenaturecures.com/contact-us/ contact us - Contact us form. We work at Natural Health Centre, 46 Theobalds Road, London WC1X 8NW (Holborn Tube Station, Central Line).

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  • Shumaneasaurus Rex - Bind her? I didnt even Know her!

    I don't always keep my women in a binder, but when I do, it's Avery's Durable View binder. I liked it so I put an EZ-Turn ring on it.

  • Donna M. Weigel - The key is NOT for fine hair!

    I have fine hair, but a lot of it! And curly. I don't WANT curly. I read ever word of instructions and it still fried the ends of my hair and left it all over dry. I couldn't wait for my hair to grow out so the ends could be cut off (about an inch). Bottom-line.. this is not for fine hair. It can't take the strong chemical no matter how good your hair condition is. I have it TWO stars only because it did relax it some and with coarse hair maybe the product would work better. I won't do this again!!

  • medsmon - Finale 2012 - Buggy, buggy, buggy!!!

    I had been using PrintMusic for a number of years, and back ~2 years ago FInale 2012 came out with a short-term ~$120 upgrade offer vs. what was normally a much more expensive upgrade. "Why not?", I thought, wanting to create accompaniment that sounded much better than PrintMusic MIDI sounds, and hoping that some bugs in PrintMusic would certainly be fixed by now. Well, I found out why not. I have never in my career as a SW engineer found a commercial piece of software with more bugs than this potentially top-notch program.