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  • Amazon Customer - Disappointed but satisfied

    Product was not as I expected. Was consistency was not right.. too greasy.. and I had a visible eye shadow crease lines hours after applying. I was very disappointed. The company was nice enough to refund my money with no questions asked. I really appreciated that.

  • julia - Noticeably less hair loss!

    I instantly noticed less hair loss in the shower and when I brush. I was losing a lot due to diet, stress, hormones. I feel like this gives my hair a fighting chance to look thicker and grow stronger just because I'm losing less. You would still need a healthy diet and good hair care to see big improvements. I will say that I did sweat a bit more when I first started, and my face got greasy faster. And this is really strange but my fiance kissed me when we both got home from work all day and asked if I had been eating truffles. Okay, no, I hope this stuff has not made me smell like a truffle. I think all of those side effects have tapered down (I also went down to taking it once a day instead of twice and still see a difference in hair loss). I have not noticed much growth but I haven't been looking for that and wasn't too concerned with my length. I don't think I'm growing much NEW hair but my stylist would know better. I'm finishing up my first package and will re-order.

  • 2read4fun - Not what it is written up to be!

    This product did not perform according to the review level given by users. I really thought I had found just the right seed for tough spots in our yard. We prepared the soil and added new potting soil to the area before seeding. We covered the area with wheat straw and waited, and waited and waited all the while it was being irrigated and nice warm weather and nothing happened. Finally after weeks we saw a tinge of green, however it has never even gotten long enough or strong enough to even need cutting.

  • CubeRoot - ... up with the right phase for your annual reviews easy and painless

    This book makes coming up with the right phase for your annual reviews easy and painless. It's not that you need to copy/paste directly from the book, but it's how the phases are worded that are so very useful.

  • LisaK - I can't wait to decorate!!!!!! So EASY

    This has just simplified my life so very much. I am so very thankful who came up with this idea to make decorating so easy. I am not one to hang the lights on the house. I have to do it by myself and I just have trouble doing it. These laser lights are the EXACT answer to my problem. You plug it in. Place it in the ground and shine it on your house and you have the most amazing light show. Thousands of green and red laser lights that illuminate a huge area. I will be purchasing more to shine on different areas of my house. I really am amazed at the effect this gives off. The light itself is very sturdy. It is weather proof... and there is a 12 month warranty if you have any problems. This is far superior to the plastic ones I have seen. I am THRILLED with this purchase and can't wait to set them up for the holidays.