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  • PlantBasedStarChild - *WARNING* After just about 2 years of using my screen is flickering.

    Update I changed my 5 star rating to a 1 star rating: A real excellent replacement for my Samsung 42 inch that went out to early & I will never purchase another Samsung TV, but this LG TV was working excellent so I thought. *Update:* I purchased this tv in Nov 2014 & it is now July 2016 and I'm having a problem with the screen flickering in the middle of the screen like a led is going out or either a board or something. I am pissed because I just replaced my old samsung lcd tv with this one and this LG has not even lasted 2 years and the screen is obviously already going out because it is flickering in the middle of the led screen. Another company that I am adding to my list to NEVER PURCHASE FROM LG AGAIN. I was totally find with the tv before this problem, but good god it is already going out and it is little over 2 years and the dang on tv is already going out. Please all companies will you stop making crap products because I am totally sick and tired of wasting/throwing my hard earned money away. I'm so fed up with buying flat screen tv's that I'm thing about purchasing a hd projector instead and or a large computer monitor because I have never went wrong with computer monitors and hd projectors, my current hd projectors leds are going darker and it has lasted me for a long time so I can't even complain about my hd projector, but I am seriously thinking about buying a new hd projector then to buy another flat screen tv that is only going to burn out again and just think this LG and my old Samsung are name brand and still went out before time and I am totally fed up with these crappy made flat screen tv's because they seem to all be junk especially in this price range. P.S (Yes I have tried new HDMI cables and different set top boxes/computers and dish network boxes and still flicker in the middle of the screen, SUCKS. Don't Purchase This Junk Because You Will Be Sorry, Like I Am Right Now. Does not even deserve 1

  • sandra bischoff - Sandys opinion

    I have been using Cindy craw fords products for about 6 months. I am on the auto ship program and can say I am very happy with their products and customer service. If I need to extend my ship date no problem if I have an item damaged they replace at no charge. I had one item for my chest that for some reason I got a rash and they gave me a credit for that item. I am 65 years old and my skin is in very good shape. I do go in for facials every couple months. I would love to have a miracle in a bottle but that's not happening although I will say I do not look my age. My aestician tells me my skin is beautiful for my age and asked me what skin care line I use.

  • customerkim - This product will make u so hyper and shaky

    I have been taking this product for a week and I feel I am going to jump out of my skin. I cut it to one a day it didnt matter Jesus I am a Mexican jumping bean. I can handle caffeine tea coffee diet coke. but this product gives me the shakes and my pulse is racing do not buy this

  • Real Reality - This is amazing Lol

    Just love it!!! Better than i expected. Don't by expensive sport cams unless you are very rich. I used to have Go Pro, broke in a crash! 300 dollars gone in a second.

  • T S Pate - Cool system

    Tremendous graphic upgrade from the PS3.....but is it worth it to upgrade? I watched my son play NBA2K14 & Ghosts.....and I do have to say that the clarity of the graphics is amazing. But other than a hardcore gamer, who will see the need to actually upgrade from the PS3? Not truly backwards compatible, which is a red flag to me as a consumer. What are we supposed to do with all our PS3 games now? Game play is the same for the most part....so the only reason to upgrade is to say that you have the PS4. But I do have to say, watching him play the basketball game.....it was as close to watching a real game as you could imagine.

  • Richard D. - Super Price

    My wife is a baseball card collector. Every year I give her a gift of Topps Baseball Retail Card Factory Sets. I save over twenty dollars when I purchased it from Amazon.

  • C W Collins - Looks nice

    The best thing about this case is that it looks nice and doesn't detract from the iPhone's beauty. The TPU inner is decent enough but the polycarbonate hard shell is slick. Another drawback, IMO, is that Spigen was far too aggressive mimicking the side curvature on this case.