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  • Callily - A Little Goes a LONG way!

    I purchased the one pound size when my son was an infant, after getting a couple mini-trial sized ones from my pediatrician. My son had blistering diaper rashes, and this was the ONLY product that worked! Seven years later, I am still using the same tub on my daughters diaper rashes, and it is still just as effective!! (there is no expiration date on the tub, still works!!) So, if your thinking of buying some, you may want to try the 8 oz. because unless you really use too much, you'll never use it all!! One tip though, keep an extra "wipe" for your hands, its extremely sticky!!

  • Ken Giang - I was recommended this shampoo by my friend

    I was recommended this shampoo by my friend. I was hesitating at first, but gave up, bought this and I was amazed! This shampoo cleans, softens and protects your hair. Absolutely no gimmicks, it does what it says. I also use it on my cat, his hair is clean, soft and so far no allergies whatsoever. Given the cheap price, this is totally a bargain.

  • Gabriel Lozano - Great customer service Great hood

    The only thing that would have made it easier is if they had a center to center distance for the mounting holes. it came with a broken screen and when i called AKDY they sent a new one over right away. Great customer service Great hood. Looking to upgrade the lights to LEDs soon.

  • The Thinker - My favorite eye moistener.

    I have tried various products, and this works better for me than anything else. Only one drop in each eye is needed for several hours of relief.

  • Kameron Fennell - Every house hold should have one.

    I have always wanted one and now I finally have it. Time to have more fun! In all honesty I feel like I have a recreational/every day driver a combo package.

  • rwanda - glad i picked this one

    I bought this book for my younger brother who wants to join the military, he said he loves the book and my grandma read some of it and she said she could even understand and learned some! glad i picked this one.