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  • Alapaki Gomes - Essential gear for your BOB dual stroller!

    Well worth the money! Fits perfectly with our KeyFit30 car seat, which has been through three previous children. Helps avoid the need to wake up baby to move him from the car to the stroller. Works exactly as advertised! Take it from the parents of five kids, five-years-old and under, get this to maximize the use of your BOB.


    I am more than happy with these, i set them up yesterday to replace the cheap old ones that i have, and they were super bright. They really are stainless steel and dig into the ground quite nicely. I say what i like most is that they are ten times brighter than my old ones. i just hope the continue to illuminate at that brightness. Great buy for a pack of six. As far as setting them up, it's a no brainer, just stick them in the ground and let the sun do the rest.

  • James V. Tomasino - Doesn't Work For Me

    I have tried Align twice: first, after stomach surgery and at the suggestion of my doctor, and then, after a break of about a year, again. The first time I used it, I had EXCESSIVE gas and bloating for months. I thought it was caused by my surgery and would dissipate over time. It didn't. I never suspected Align as the culprit. I stopped taking Align and tried another probiotic I saw from a vitamin website I have used for a few years. Lo and behold, my gas and bloating problem disappeared! When I ran out of this one (only bought a 60 day supply) I came across Align at Costco and bought two boxes at a great price, still not thinking of any bad side effects from taking this. Within about a week, the gas and bloating reoccurred. I took it for two more weeks then stopped and my symptoms have improved. Align is obviously not for me. I was told after my stomach surgery that I would experience some gas and bloating but the lingering problem was caused, I believe now, by Align.