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Country:, North America, US

City: -94.6449 Kansas, United States

  • Gilbert - NOT COMPATIBLE with other installed versions of Norton 360 (3pcs, etc.)

    Great for first time installer, but not if you are intending to upgrade/extend your current Norton 360 subscription. I have Norton 360 v6.0 (3PCs) installed on my PCs and Norton Mobile Security on my Android Smartphone. I bought this version thinking I could extend my current subscriptions which will be expiring soon, but the product key inside the box would not work. It would require an uninstall of my current version and reinstall of this product. Any overlapping subscription time would be lost. A call to Norton Support resolved the problem by extending my subscription manually by 15 months!

  • Dominique - I prefer the ring over the case because this allows you to customize your case and only use the ring when necessary- for the bes

    I sent this selfie ring light to my sorority sister and she loves it! The last time she was in Houston to visit, I was using my "Faux-Lumen" selfie case and she really wanted one of her own. I purchased the ring light for her instead because I really thought she might prefer this over the case and I was right! I prefer the ring over the case because this allows you to customize your case and only use the ring when necessary- for the best, glamour selfies possible! The selfie cases are supper bulky and make the already massive iPhone 6S Plus even bigger to carry around and harder to manage. The selfie ring can easily charge and she can just keep it on hand in her purse until that special selfie moment arrives! Sh was so excited with my little knick-knack gift, that as soon as she received it, she FaceTimed me using it! And believe me, her "glow" was just right!

  • Valentine - Son likes it and so do I!

    I love this clock so much. My son has Autism and we put it in his room as a reminder to stay in bed until it's time to get up. It's simple to program and my son loves the stoplight function. When the alarm is on, the light will go from red to yellow to green depending on how close it is to the alarm's time. It has an alarm sound that is a standard alarm buzz and volume-meaning it's rather loud and annoying. It can be run on batteries or plugged in to the wall, we leave it plugged in because I don't want to chance the batteries running out in it. It's all plastic which definitely concerned me at first as my son can be a little rough on things, but it's been in his room for months now and no problems. It's survived small falls onto carpet so I'm happy with that at least.

  • MikeB - Great product.

    This battery box is great. The battery fits perfectly. It has an indicator that shows the charge left in the battery. It also charges my cell phone while I am in the canoe on the water.

  • Whitney - Really works!

    Tried everything. This stuff is the best! Saw improvement the very next day. Just keep using until the nail completely grows out! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  • Megan Canright - DO NOT BELIEVE THE REVIEWS!

    DON'T FALL FOR THE POSITIVE REVIEWS!! There is ALMOST NO fissionable material here! My gas centrifuge could barely scrape out enough to paint on the dial of a watch let alone power my house. Critical mass? Try Critical Ass. This stuff is lousy. You're better off sticking with tritium from Costco.

  • Richard M Montgomery - A very light oil that I need for my 1954 ...

    A very light oil that I need for my 1954 L. A. Olds Ambassador trumpet. Oil works well with my old valves.