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  • Brooke Cowan - Great investment and you will be happy to know she's ...

    Bought this so baby would not have a flat spot on the back of her head from laying on her back so much (as all newborns do for quite some time). She is 6 months and still uses this on her play mat and changing table. It's soft, small, and travels well. Great investment and you will be happy to know she's got a round cranium on the back part of her head, so it's helped a lot.

  • Danny - Nice shoes

    I Like my new Shimano shoes, It is what I hope. I bought it and Its fit as expected. I'm so happy with my new cycling shoes. Let's to enjoy them

  • T. Wiles - It's a grower not a shower

    Upon first listen minus the first (3) singles I wasn't overly thrilled but giving it a second listen I found it to be enjoyable and different but in a good way. It at times feels a bit too much but between the occasional strong lyrics and the music itself it's a record I am now pleased that I purchased.

  • Linda - Great book, great knowledge within.

    White's no nonsense voice and witty wisdom are here in every sentence. If you know zippo about astrology of any kind, there is much here to learn and enjoy while learning. If you are a Master Astrologer, there's a good bit here for you, too. White is, to my knowledge, the only astrologer to combine and make sense of Western Astrology and Chinese Astrology. I predict (and suggest) you will also be getting her other books. Start with THE NEW ASTROLOGY. If you want to know what 2016 will be like for you and all you know...get this book. Now.