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  • S. Price - My cats were miserable

    I thought I was being a good responsible cat mama by using this product instead of the toxic systemic options. I applied it to both of my cats. The younger cat couldn't walk and acted catatonic (no pun intended). He wouldn't eat and was miserable. The other cat was miserable as well, huddled in a ball and quivering. As a consequence, I was compelled to give both cats a bath. The bath added to their misery and didn't completely remove the smell. A day later they still do not have their appetite back or normal behavior. I would like a refund.

  • didjanoit - A Real Time Saver!

    I've been doing my business tax returns manually for thirty years, but this year I was overwhelmed with too much work and too little time. I bought this program to take the pressure off, and it did. It was quick and easy entering my information using the interview and I was done in a little over half an hour. I have Windows 8.1 and the download only took a few minutes and worked perfectly.

  • skyhog45 - Not Great, Chick Flix

    Differently a chick flix, my wife loved it, to me the story was very predictable. I like period movies, and I like Shirley MacLaine as and actress. I think most women would like the movie, but as a guy (strictly my opinion) It's not the type of movie a man would like.