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Country:, Asia, TR

City: 28.9948 , Turkey

  • Blondegirlfrnd - useful and user friendly

    sample tests and resources for study. clep tests typically cost around $100 to test out of basic classes. This is vs as much as $900 for the class.

  • Belle - I Hate This

    My 7 year old daughter wanted some board games for Christmas. I loved Sorry when I was a kid so this would be just right--I thought. Why has Hasbo fixed what wasn't broke. New rules and fewer pawns makes for an unappealing game. I'm now in the hunt for the classic version of the game so that my daughter and I can enjoy the game more often. This is also the case for The Game of Life--which is so bad that I want to throw it away, and Clue. Where can I find the classic versions of these games? The only game that I bought that is the same classic version is Battleship.

  • TastySiomai - Better then nothing

    Does what it does. You end up losing the biggest cup holder in your car (No more 42oz), but well worth the sacrifice of having nowhere to put your other arm. You'll need tools to put it in. Philips screw driver and a socket wrench with an extension bar. I think i used a 13 or 14

  • J. VanDerBeck - Poor customer service

    Instead of Parent Child Testing Product, seller shipped a poorly preserved armadillo corpse. Attempts to contact their customer service department have been in vain. Would not buy again.

  • gypsygirl - Great Product & Value

    This shampoo is saving my hair!! I am naturally medium-dark brown and my hair gets dyed blond for work (every month). It looks great when I come out of the salon.. but after a week reddish tones come out and I look quite gingery by the end of the month. I started using this shampoo & conditioner.. and WOW. What a difference it makes. I wash my hair twice a week with it. It lathers really well, and the conditioner is thick and creamy. Everyone I work with has commented on how great my hair color is now... and have I been getting them to do something different at my monthly appointments! Nope.. only started using this shampoo & conditioner. Really well priced too!