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  • velocesmells: when people say they love you but... - kind Bird King - velocesmells: “ when people say they love you but romanticize your mental health issues ”
  • noxyouraveragefangirl: Me: Really wants a... - kind Bird King - noxyouraveragefangirl: “ Me: Really wants a romantic relationship Me: Never develops strong feelings for anyone Me: ”
  • swampcrow: i dressed up all my falloutgirls ... - kind Bird King - swampcrow: “ i dressed up all my fallout girls in halloween outfits? 🎃 costume descriptions are on the captions! ”

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  • Socal Girl - At 1st I thought it almost too sweet, but I learned to use 1/2 water

    At 1st I thought it almost too sweet, but I learned to use 1/2 water, 1/2 rice milk, and fruit that leans toward the tart side. Added banana was too much with this flavor. I had also seen great reviews for the Vega Greens & Protein powder, which I picked up at Costco. I prefer the PlantFusion over the Vega. The Vega seems almost fake tasting - so once I finish that, I will likely go back to this brand.

  • markb - F*** Tom Cruise...

    Rebecca DeMornay TOOK that movie, and her scene in the train to this steamy-slow number will live forever. NEVER fails to make the heart skip a beat....

  • Donna S. - Fabulous Mini Balance Bike that grows with the child

    After days of research I bought this bike for my then 2 1/2 year old grandson in 2009. His sister rode it and now it's been handed down to my 3 year old granddaughter and is still in perfect condition. I bought this for my 3 year old grandson and he loves it, as did all the other children. It's a sturdy, quality bike and those little kids can really cruise on it! Such fun to watch and it teaches coordination and balance. (some of the grandkids picked were quicker to learn than others but in the end it was the mode of transportation on walks for all of them) I chose this brand over others because the seat is very low to the ground to accomodate a two year old and both the seat and handle bars can be raised as the child grows. (my grands were still hoping on it at 5, though they had big kid bikes by then) You won't be disappointed!

  • L. A. MASSIMINO - What a great buy!

    What a great buy!!!!! Installed today on 4 computers both desk & laptops . Was a little sceptical if it would work for all 5 devices but had no problem!! I have been pricing this product and this is the BEST PRICE you willl find anywhere!