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  • heidibeans - Same as Dollar Shave Club!!!

    These are the same exact blades that you get from The Dollar Shave Club- at a more affordable price. Yes, they make great commercials and I love their concept but don't want to pay extra for the hype. Will buy indefinitely!!

  • Logan Jensen - Best VR experience for the money and most comfortable

    This headset is just awesome! I wont bother saying to much as far as what it can do because most reviewers say all of the things you would need to know. I will mention a few personal things I like however. Its incredibly light! As an owner of both Oculus and Vive, this is hands down, the most comfortable headset out of all of them. I love the cinema mode. My GF can take the TV to play Xbox, and I can put on my headset and watch/play my PlayStation OR (A lot of people don't know this) You can plug in another HDMI signal into the processor box and get a cinema mode for anything plugged into that. I tried the Xbox 360 and it worked.

  • Stacy - Amazing

    Yes, it is a bit pricey, but it does amazing things for my hair (wavy, very fine and frizzy) and this sized jar lasts me a long while, so it is worth it for me.

  • Jack Spratson - Don't Make The Same Mistake I Made

    While in total awe of this amazing device I unintentionally attempted to pass a TSA check point with the Wenger in my luggage. Well lets just put it this way, the US Supreme Court just ruled that I'm the only guy in the country which no longer has ANY protections under the constitution. I'm writing this review on toilet paper from my cell at Guantanamo and will have to do unspeakable things to get this review carried back to the states and posted on Amazon.

  • L. Kirk - Ok Performance, but understand its weaknesses before buying

    The Nomad7 and Guide10+ solar battery charging kit is a pretty good product that aims high, but fell somewhat short in performance in my use over a period of several weeks. The kit consists of the foldable Nomad7 solar panel unit with an output pack and zipper pouch, and the Guide10+ batteries and recharger. The thing to understand about solar panels is ... they really need direct sun to work well. If it's bright but pretty hazy, if it's partly cloudy, if you can't get a direct straight on view of the sunshine ... all of these factors impact the recharging times. A partly cloudy day and an off angle for the panels can double the amount of time it takes to recharge the batteries. And in my experience, obtaining optimum conditions is challenging. Read on for a discussion of pros and cons I experienced during my product testing.

  • Amazon Customer - Painfully terrible

    I started yesterday I took 2, one with breakfast and one with lunch and nothing really happened. I was a little gassy but that was it. Today I took 2 again, both with my lunch and it is currently 9:15 pm and I have been on the toilet for over an hour and a half vomiting

  • GenXer - My 6 yr old loves t!

    My son loves Lego and very much enjoys these advent calendars. I do wish Lego would not reveal some of the items as my son figured out at least the first few days just by looking at the box. I will buy another set next year